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Students Union (SE) has stated that the general strike called in the Spanish public education has been “massive” among the students, while the Ministry of Education has assured otherwise.


The SE has calculated the support for the strike in “more than 90%”, especially in Andalusia, Catalonia, Comunidad Valenciana and Madrid and the unions CCOO, STES, UGT and CGT have placed it in 65% of workers in public education.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, has assured that the strike has had a “minimum incidence” and has reiterated that “there are no objective reasons”, because things in education are being done “well and naturally”.

Speaking to the press in the corridors of Congress, the minister has interpreted that there is a “very broad” consensus to achieve a social and political state agreement for education, which is being negotiated in Congress.

Work to agree a pact on the new law being carried out by a subcommittee in Congress has also been present in the protests.

The general secretary of the Students’ Union, Ana Garcia, has described this pact as “farce”, stating that Citizens and PSOE are being “accomplices” of the PP because “Franco’s Lomce is still going.”

She has warned the Government and those parties that they will return to the streets if they sign a pact without repealing the Lomce, the “3 + 2 decree” (of degrees and masters) and cuts, and leave more teachers out of work.

6.3 million students in Spain, attended by 520,000 teachers, are studying in non-university public education .

And in public universities, there are 1.3 million enrolled, about 100,000 teaching staff and researchers and more than 50,000 administration and services.

Madrid, March 9, 2017, EFE/Practica Español

Grammar notes: present perfect,  Spanish prepositions ‘por’ and ‘para’

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El vídeo habla...
Del anuncio de una huelga educativa.
De un acuerdo entre el Gobierno y el Sindicato de Estudiantes.
De una huelga educativa en España.
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En el vídeo se dice que...
Las cifras de los sindicatos y del Gobierno son casi iguales.
Las cifras de los sindicatos y del Gobierno son muy diferentes.
Las cifras del Gobierno son superiores a las de los sindicatos.
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¿Qué piden los manifestantes?
Derogar un plan educativo y aumentar la inversión en educación.
Aprobar la Lomce y reducir los recortes en educación.
Solo el aumento salarial de los docentes.
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En el vídeo se dice que el ministro de Educación...
Dice que no hay motivos para hacer una huelga de este tipo.
Reconoce que la participación fue masiva.
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