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Subjunctive: to express desires, to encourage… (B1)

 We can use the subjunctive in many communicative functions, all related to the probability, the supposition, and the expression of the subjectivity through opinions and assessments.

√  In the grammar note “Subjunctive: to express an opinion, surprise and to argue (B1)”  we have reviewed how to express an opinion, surprise, assessments, to emphasise, to express agreement or disagreement and to argue.

√  Now, let’s recall how to express desires, to encourage someone, to show gratitude or to make offers and invitations.


– Ojalá (que), espero que, deseo que, quiero que + subjunctive:

Espero que pases un buen fin de semana.


–  Si + imperfect subjunctive + conditional tense:

Si tuviera tiempo libre, aprendería otro idioma.


– ¿Querer/Apetecer + que + subjunctive?:

¿Quieres que vayamos al cine el viernes?


– Agradecer + que + subjunctive

Te agradezco que me invites a tu casa a cenar.


 Nekane Celayeta/ Spanish teacher for foreigners/ University of Navarre/Visiting Researcher in Georgetown University, special for Practica Español

 (Text translated by Sandra Municio)

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