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Synonyms and antonyms of ‘propósito’ (purpose)

Every year thousands of people make their list of ‘propósitos’ (goals) at the star of each year, that is, they make a list of the things that they aspire to do or achieve. Some of them will aim to do more sport, to live healthy life or to read masterpieces of the literature. Practica Español proposes you to include the daily practice of the Spanish language among your ‘propósitos’ (aims) for this new year.

In this sense, the term ‘propósito’ is used to express those that you aspire to achieve or to do. Then, you will find a brief list with the synonyms and antonyms that are related to this word so used in this time.

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fin –  purpose,  aim  –  fim

finalidad –   purpose,  aim –   finalidade

intención –   intention –   intenção

objeto –  object, aim –   finalidade,  fim

motivo –   object, aim –  fim

meta –   goal –   meta 


sin finalidad –   non-purpose –   sem finalidade

irresolución –   without decision –   sem decisão

sin objetivos –   without aims –   sem fim

sin metas –   without goals –   sem objetivos

Madrid, January 2, 2016, Practica Español

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