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Syrian army has proclaimed Aleppo as city free of ‘terrorists’ after the departure of the last people from the besieged area in the east of the city, while the inhabitants of the west have celebrated with firing in the air this milestone.


The Supreme Command of the Syrian Armed Forces has declared in a statement “the return of the security” to this locality after free it, according to them, “of the terrorism and of the terrorists”.

The military believes that this victory “marks a strategic change and a crucial point in the war against terror,” and urged anyone who carries weapons to learn the lesson and to abandon these, because the fight against terrorists, he added, will continue until “the liberation of the last span of the territory.”

The Armed Forces have made this announcement shortly after the last four buses with evacuated from the besieged districts in the east of Aleppoleave the area and cross to the district of Al Ramusa, under the control of the authorities in the city.

It ‘s scheduled the vehicles continue to parts dominated by opponents in the west of the province, while in the west of Aleppo, the shots to the air and the noise of car horns have flooded the streets to celebrate the reunification of the city, as inhabitants of the western districts have described.

From Beirut, Susana Samhán, EFE Agency.

December 23, 2016, EFE/Practica Español

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Question 1
El vídeo habla de...
El Ejército sirio está a punto de liberar Alepo.
La liberación de Alepo.
Los terroristas continúan en la ciudad de Alepo.
Question 2
¿Dónde se encuentra Alepo?
En el centro de Siria.
En la zona meridional de Siria.
En la zona septentrional de Siria.
Question 3
¿Quién ha dado esa noticia?
El propio presidente sirio.
El ejército rebelde.
El Ejército de Siria.
Question 4
En el vídeo se dice que...
Esta victoria es considerada irrelevante por el Ejército sirio.
Esta victoria no tiene mucha importancia en la lucha contra los terroristas.
Esta victoria es valorada positivamente en la lucha contra el terrorismo.
Question 5
¿Qué sucedió cuando la gente se enteró de la noticia?
La gente se manifestó en contra de la guerra en Siria.
La gente salió a las calles para celebrar la liberación de la ciudad.
Un grupo de personas expresó su repulsa por el logro del Ejército sirio.
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