- José Bordalás (a role model) -

José Bordalás (a role model)

The voice of José Bordalás, the coach of the Getafe Football Club, talking about the player Jorge Molina as a role model.  The coach didn’t have …

- The week of Spanish -
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The week of Spanish

Last Wednesday, the “VIII Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española” has begun; Practica Español wants to celebrate this event publishing a …

- A warm spring for Spain -

A warm spring for Spain

Madrid / The spring that begins in Spain will be warm and less rainy than normal, after the second drier winter in the 21st century and the fifth since 1965. …

- Fernando Grande-Marlaska (to work) -

Fernando Grande-Marlaska (to work)

The voice of the Spanish Minister of Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who said, regarding a possible electoral advance in Spain, that all members of the …