- Beatriz Hervella (the spring) -

Beatriz Hervella (the spring)

The voice of Aemet spokeswoman, Beatriz Hervella, when she was speaking of the spring 2019 in Spain in a press conference. The low rainfall in spring …

- Sun and heat in throughout Spain -
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Sun and heat in throughout Spain

Madrid / From tomorrow, Friday, the sun sets throughout the country, except for some cloudy intervals in the eastern Cantabrian, Estrecho and Melilla, and …

- A warm spring for Spain -

A warm spring for Spain

Madrid / The spring that begins in Spain will be warm and less rainy than normal, after the second drier winter in the 21st century and the fifth since 1965. …

- HEAT -


Statements by the spokesman from the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet), Rubén del Campo, on the heat wave in Spain. During the next six days, the heat wave …

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