- Horacio Cartes (love for Paraguay) -

Horacio Cartes (love for Paraguay)

The voice of former president of Paraguay Horacio Cartes talking about his mandate and the love he feels for his country in an interview with Agencia EFE. Of …

- Soulmates -
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Surely on more than one occasion you’ve heard stories of love, of soulmates or of true and romantic love. If you are able to correctly answer this simple …

- What is love? -
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What is love?

Los Angeles (USA) / “Studying love is as important or more important than studying physics,” says Professor Robert Pogue Harrison, who asks …

- Patricio Pron (love) -

Patricio Pron (love)

The voice of the Argentine writer Patricio Pron, who considers that there was a gap between what is conceived as love today and how it is reflected in the …

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