- The chavismo against a dozen deputies -

The chavismo against a dozen deputies

Caracas / The Chavismo in Venezuela has decided to act against a dozen deputies who are linked to the failed military uprising that led a week ago the …

- Leopoldo Lopez (Maduro’s entourage) -

Leopoldo Lopez (Maduro’s entourage)

The voice of the Venezuelan opposition Leopoldo Lopez, speaking about the entourage of Nicolas Maduro in an exclusive interview with Agencia EFE. Venezuelan …

- Fabiana Rosales (the return) -

Fabiana Rosales (the return)

The voice of Fabiana Rosales, wife of the head of the Venezuelan Parliament, Juan Guaido, speaking of the “return home” of his Venezuelan …

- Juan Guaido (civil war) -

Juan Guaido (civil war)

The voice of Juan Guaido, head of the Parliament of Venezuela and self-proclaimed interim president in the country, who on Monday assured “there is no …

- Venezuela frees foreign journos -

Venezuela frees foreign journos

Caracas / Three reporters from Spanish international news agency EFE were freed Thursday after being detained overnight by Venezuelan authorities and will be …

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