- Gonzalo Rojas (an excess) -

Gonzalo Rojas (an excess)

The voice of the Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas when speaking of the Cervantes Prize in 2004 days before he received this award from the King of

- Sergio Pitol (closeness) -

Sergio Pitol (closeness)

The voice of Mexican writer Sergio Pitol in 2005 when he was talking about Cervantes after knowing that he was awarded the Cervantes

- Hemingway’s spirit comes back -

Hemingway’s spirit comes back

Ernest Hemingway murió hace ahora 52 años, pero cada 7 de julio su espíritu planea por una de las fiestas populares españolas más conocidas …

- Patricio Pron (love) -

Patricio Pron (love)

The voice of the Argentine writer Patricio Pron, who considers that there was a gap between what is conceived as love today and how it is reflected in the …

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