- Seville, fashion and fair -
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Seville, fashion and fair

Seville (Spain) / Red and purple colours for flamenco dresses “Pura Sangre” inspired by Mexico and Spain, aliens or suits adapted to breastfeeding, …

- ROSALIA, SINGER (the music) -

ROSALIA, SINGER (the music)

The voice of the Spanish singer Rosalia, winner of two Latin Grammy for “Malamente”, argued in defence of the urban genre saying music should be …


Miguel Poveda pays tribute to Lorca

Miguel Poveda has released his new album, ‘Enlorquecido’, to pay tribute to the most international Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca. Poveda affirmed …


María Toledo makes her debut in Miami

Flamenco singer Maria Toledo describes herself as “the flamenco singer with a piano, red-painted nails and messy hair”. She told EFE that she hopes to …

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