- Defective verbs in Spanish -

Defective verbs in Spanish

The defective verbs are those that do not have a complete conjugation due to the fact that they lack any personal forms or any verbal time. Aquí tienes los …

- Indirect questions -

Indirect questions

In Spanish language, the questions can do it in two ways: direct or indirect.   √ The question or direct interrogation is traditional. As its name suggest, …

- How to put the tilde -

How to put the tilde

There are three basic rules to put tilde (´) over words in Spanish . These rules depends on accentuation (stress) in different syllables (phonetic division). …

- “Gustar” Spanish verb -

“Gustar” Spanish verb

In Spanish language, the verb “gustar” (to like) is used to express likes, desires, dislikes, interests, preferences and feelings.   Uses and values: …

- Amb@s and its uses -

Amb@s and its uses

We use words ambos and ambas to mean “los dos” ( the two) or “uno y otro” (one and other). This word is equivalent to “both” in English language, …

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