- The ellipisis -

The ellipisis

In grammar, the ellipsis is the omission in the sentence of one or more words that are needed for proper grammatical construction, but not to make it clear the …

- Shortened adjectives -

Shortened adjectives

Existen algunos adjetivos que se apocopan (supresión de algunos sonidos finales de las palabras) cuando preceden al

- Spanish superlatives ended in "-ísimo" -

Spanish superlatives ended in "-ísimo"

Además de los superlativos relativos existen en español los superlativos absolutos. En español, utilizamos con mucha frecuencia adjetivos que acaban en …

- The use of “que ya” -

The use of “que ya”

The term “que ya” is formed by the conjunction “que” and the adverb of time “ya”. In Spanish we use “que ya” in …

- The sentence in Spanish -

The sentence in Spanish

The sentence is the smallest fragment able to communicate an idea.This is a serie of words that have complete sense. The sentence is independent from the point …

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