- Fernando Garea (Agencia EFE) -

Fernando Garea (Agencia EFE)

The voice of the journalist and current president of Agencia EFE, Fernando Garea, when he was talking about the 80th anniversary that this international news …

- Sergio Scariolo (never give up) -

Sergio Scariolo (never give up)

The voice in Spanish of Sergio Scariolo, the Italian coach of the Spanish Basketball Team, during the celebration of the World Cup in the Plaza Colon in …

- Sergio Scariolo (“the worst rival”) -

Sergio Scariolo (“the worst rival”)

The voice of the Italian Sergio Scariolo, coach of the Spanish basketball team, when he was talking about the Australian team, which Spain faces this Friday in …

- Pope Francis (‘it’s said that…’) -

Pope Francis (‘it’s said that…’)

The voice of the Pope Francis talking about the difference between the communicative fact, the story and the objectivity of the expression ‘it is said …

- Gonzalo Rojas (an excess) -

Gonzalo Rojas (an excess)

The voice of the Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas when speaking of the Cervantes Prize in 2004 days before he received this award from the King of

- Sergio Pitol (closeness) -

Sergio Pitol (closeness)

The voice of Mexican writer Sergio Pitol in 2005 when he was talking about Cervantes after knowing that he was awarded the Cervantes

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