- 10 ways “to criticize” others -

10 ways “to criticize” others

It is said that those who criticize others are the ones who have the most to should shut up. To criticize is to examine and judge, but also, to talk badly …

- Sino and si no, two things very different -

Sino and si no, two things very different

They sound almost alike, but they are not the same. The usual mistake of using one form by another, so it should be clear what is each one: Sino it’s an …

- Simple conditional tense -

Simple conditional tense

√  How is it formed? Infinitive + endings of the imperfect of the verb ‘haber’. Imperfect of the verb’haber’ Hab- ía Hab- ías Hab- …

- Subordinating conjunctions -

Subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions introduce a sentence which is subordinated to a word or sentence. That is, the subordinate clause introduced by this type of …

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