- Christmas lottery: 13 words for luck -

Christmas lottery: 13 words for luck

In Spain the main draw is the Christmas lottery. It is a national lottery draw which is endowed with far more important price than the others that are held …

- 23 climate verbs -

23 climate verbs

In Spanish, there are a series of verbs that are called climatic or meteorological. These are those are used to name atmospheric phenomena. These verbs are …

- The numbers expressing order (1) -

The numbers expressing order (1)

Se llaman ordinales porque expresan sucesión, orden y no cantidadrnrnPor ejemplo: rnrnFue el primero de su promoción. rnrnConsiguió situarse en el …

- Christmas (Navidad) in 31 words -

Christmas (Navidad) in 31 words

With the Christmas (Navidad) there come many words related to the holidays and the celebrations. Here you have the 31 most repeated in Spanish. Navidad / …

- 27 Spanish words that speak of time -

27 Spanish words that speak of time

Speaking or writing, we do constant references to the past, present and future, as period, duration, time, season or interval of time, among others. In this …

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