- Carlos Fuentes (novelists and politics) -

Carlos Fuentes (novelists and politics)

The voice of the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes when in 2008 he said he would like to be an exorcist of the ills in Mexico, which he once more portrays with …

- US author Toni Morrison dies -
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US author Toni Morrison dies

New York / US author Tony Morrison, the first black woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, has died in a New York hospital, the Alfred A. Knopf …

- Eduardo Halfon (literature) -

Eduardo Halfon (literature)

The Guatemalan writer Eduardo Halfon expressed his regret for what he considered fragmentation of Latin American literature: “there is very little …

- Isabel Allende (slavery) -

Isabel Allende (slavery)

The voice of Isabel Allende, Chilean writer, talking about slavery in relation to her novel La isla bajo el mar.  The novel was published in 2009 and has the …

- Leonardo Padura (baseball and literature) -

Leonardo Padura (baseball and literature)

Leonardo Padura showed his love for baseball during the Princess of Asturias Awards in 2015, while he held, on his hand, a ball of the national sport in most …

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