- “Como que” and “como si” -

“Como que” and “como si”

The forms “como que” and “como si” are used in conditional comparative sentences, also known as exemplary sentences, that is, those in …

- The elipisis -

The elipisis

In grammar, the ellipsis is the omission in the sentence of one or more words that are needed for proper grammatical construction, but not to make it clear the …

- Coordinating conjunctions in Spanish -

Coordinating conjunctions in Spanish

What do we use conjunctions for → To join two or more elements of a same sentence.   “La Agencia EFE difundió fotografías y vídeos del evento”. …

- Spanish simple sentence -

Spanish simple sentence

  Simple sentence is formed by a  subject and apredicate:    Example:  Juan es médico.  √ Subject:     –A noun or main noun:        …

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