- The numbers expressing order (1) -

The numbers expressing order (1)

Se llaman ordinales porque expresan sucesión, orden y no cantidadrnrnPor ejemplo: rnrnFue el primero de su promoción. rnrnConsiguió situarse en el …

- The present with value of future -

The present with value of future

In the colloquial use of the Spanish language, maybe you can heard or read sentences as “I get married within a year”. The Spanish speaker is …


Welcome to "Practica Español"!

  There are many ways to learn Spanish (Castilian), but only one way to practice it using information contents of EFE Agency , and supported by the …

- “Recordar” or “acordarse”? -

“Recordar” or “acordarse”?

In English the verb remember express these two meanings. Both of them mean ‘bear something on mind’, but their argument structure, which refers to …

- 23 examples with adverbs of place -

23 examples with adverbs of place

Adverbs of place are used to to indicate where the action is taking place or to give information about the location. They usually answer the question …

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