- Gonzalo Rojas (an excess) -

Gonzalo Rojas (an excess)

The voice of the Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas when speaking of the Cervantes Prize in 2004 days before he received this award from the King of

- Sergio Pitol (closeness) -

Sergio Pitol (closeness)

The voice of Mexican writer Sergio Pitol in 2005 when he was talking about Cervantes after knowing that he was awarded the Cervantes

- Ana Maria Matute (happy) -

Ana Maria Matute (happy)

The voice of the writer Ana Maria Matute in 2010, when she knew that she was awarded the Cervantes

- Felipe VI (freedom of expression) -

Felipe VI (freedom of expression)

The voice of King Felipe VI talking about the freedom of thought and creation after giving the Cervantes Prize to the Uruguayan writer Ida Vitale. Felipe VI …

- Ida Vitale (to write) -

Ida Vitale (to write)

The voice of the Uruguayan poet Ida Vitale, 95, as she passed through Madrid to receive the Cervantes Prize. The poet maintained a meeting with the media …

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