- Relative clauses -

Relative clauses

The relative clauses introduce information about an element that precedes them and is known as “antecedent” in grammar. The antecedent is found in …

- The sentence in Spanish -

The sentence in Spanish

The sentence is the smallest fragment able to communicate an idea.This is a serie of words that have complete sense. The sentence is independent from the point …

- Conditional sentences: basic keys -

Conditional sentences: basic keys

Do you know the basic keys to form conditional sentences and express it   in Spanish when you want to put a condition, requirement or formulate a hypothesis? …

- Defective verbs in Spanish -

Defective verbs in Spanish

The defective verbs are those that do not have a complete conjugation due to the fact that they lack any personal forms or any verbal time. Aquí tienes los …

- Spanish adjective: Cada (every, each) -

Spanish adjective: Cada (every, each)

El cuantificador "cada" es incompatible con el artículo, los posesivos y los demostrativos, porque funciona como determinante de la palabra a la que

- Tanto que… -

Tanto que…

It expresses a consequence and we use it to connect sentences with others (that is, making consecutive clauses). Thus, we uses:  √ Tanto… que   …

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