- Simple conditional tense -

Simple conditional tense

√  How is it formed? Infinitive + endings of the imperfect of the verb ‘haber’. Imperfect of the verb’haber’ Hab- ía Hab- ías Hab- …

- Ser and estar, keys to identify them -

Ser and estar, keys to identify them

 Ser and estar: these verbs in Spanish language note different actions. With the verb “ser”→ we identify, mainly. ¿Qué es? ¿Quién es? …

- 23 climate verbs -

23 climate verbs

In Spanish, there are a series of verbs that are called climatic or meteorological. These are those are used to name atmospheric phenomena. These verbs are …

- 100 conditional tenses in Spanish -

100 conditional tenses in Spanish

These are the one hundred verbs most used in Spanish, which you must learn and master to speak fluent. In this list, you will find conditional simple and …

- Augmentatives in Spanish -

Augmentatives in Spanish

The augmentatives are formed in Spanish by adding the suffixes -on, -azo, -ote, -achón, -ejón, -errón, -ónón, -etón and -aton to nouns, adjectives and …

- How to use “hay” and “haya”? -

How to use “hay” and “haya”?

One of the difficulties for any student of Spanish is to know when to use “hay” and “haya”. Here, you have a total of 20 sentences for …

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