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Culture Nivel B1

Ten recent novels for the summer holidays

Madrid / Reading and books have accompanied us during the confinement and now, when the summer begins, the editorial news multiply after the months of “break” by the closing of the bookstores.

The following are ten recently published novel proposals to read over the coming vacation days.

1 .- “El ghetto interior”, by Santiago Amigorena (Random House Literature) .- Finalist of the three great prizes of French letters last year, the novel tells the story of the author’s grandfather, Vicente Rosenberg, a Jew who abandoned Poland in the twenties and settled in Buenos Aires, and the feeling of guilt that accompanied him throughout his life.

2.- “Ava at night”, by Manuel Vicent (Alfaguara) .- A story set in the Spain of the early 1960s that, through a young aspiring filmmaker who wants to meet Ava Gardner, portrays the contrast between glamorous nights in a Madrid visited by Hollywood stars and citizens immersed in the repression of a Franco dictatorship that is beginning to see the first winds of change.

3.- “The enigma of room 622”, by Joël Dicker (Alfaguara) .- After his successful novels “The truth about the Harry Quebert case”, “The Baltimore book” and “The disappearance of Stephanie Mayer”, the writer sets a story for the first time in his native Switzerland and enters this plot of power, betrayal and envy as one of the protagonists.

4.- “La entrometida”, by Muriel Spark (Blackie Books) .- First title of a new collection dedicated to this British author, one of her most fun and transgressive works. In it she tells the story of Fleur Talbot must survive in the classy and macho London after the Second World War.

5.- “El mal de Corcira”, by Lorenzo Silva (Destination) .- Tenth installment of the crime novel series starring the emblematic couple of the Civil Guard created by Silva who, on this occasion, will have to solve the murder of a man who turns out to be a former collaborator of ETA. The story travels back 30 years and shows Bevilacqua’s past in the fight against the terrorist gang.

6.- “Tribute to Blenholt”, by Daniel Fusch (Automatic) .- Written in 1936, this novel is published for the first time in Spanish, drawing the life in the neighborhood houses of the first Jewish immigrants installed in Williamsburg, narrated from the optician of Max Balkan, a young man seduced by the promises of the American dream.

7.- “The footprints of silence”, by John Boyne, (Salamander) .- The writer John Boyne, author of “The boy in the striped pajamas”, delves into his native Ireland for the first time in this novel about the sexual abuse of minors with which he wanted to make “a study of how the Church has treated society and those who work within.”

8.- “Little Red Women”, by Marta Sanz (Anagram) .- Marta Sanz closes the trilogy of detective Arturo Zarco dissecting the stories about memory: a black and political novel in which he wants to claim literature as a territory of play and transgression.

9.- “Never ask a bird for its name”, by Andrés Ibáñez (Gutenberg Galaxy). – A love story and another of violence are mixed in this mystery “thriller” that is also a tribute to masters of Spanish literature. horror like Lovecraft or Chambers.

10.- “Territory of light”, by Yuko Tsushima (Impedimenta) .- A novel about abandonment, desire and transformation in which the late Japanese writer tells the story of a librarian who must start a new life with her daughter two years old when her husband asks them to separate. (June 29, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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