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‘Tener hipo’ (have hiccups), ‘quitar el hipo’ (take one’s breath away) and other ways of ‘flipar en colores’ (be fascinated)

We talked about everything a bit and the colloquial expression “quitar el hipo” (take one’s breath away) that we say in Spanish when something or someone delights, fascinates, impresses or surprises us by its beauty, or other qualities that we appreciate came up. Quitar el hipo (remove the hiccups) can also be the action of ending that annoying involuntary spasm of the diaphragm that is usually accompanied by a recurrent “hip”, especially in children. “El hipo en los niños para vivir, en los viejos para morir” (Hiccups in children to live, in old people to die) says one of our sayings. And to remove it many tricks are known, although not all work. One of them is to hold your breath and another, to take a scare of death. It makes sense to think that both are at the origin of this popular expression that, in a good sense, alludes metaphorically to the great impact received. Nowadays, between quitar el hipo (taking one’s breath away), estar que lo flipas, flipar en colores o molar (be amazed, be fascinated, be cool) there is little or no difference in the context of admiring something. Practice and train your Spanish with these examples and the MP3 that we attach:



Quitar el hipo = maravillarse (take one’s breath away)
La película tiene un reparto de quitar el hipo.
(The movie has a cast that takes one’s breath away.)

Tiene un barco que te quita el hipo.
(He has a ship that takes your breath away.)

Tiene una silueta que quita el hipo.
(She has a silhouette that takes one’s breath away.)

Cocina que quita el hipo. (He cooks that he takes one’s breath away.)

Quitar el hipo = remediar el hipo (remove or get rid of hiccups)
¿Cómo se puede quitar el hipo?
(How can you get rid of hiccups?)

Aprendió a quitar el hipo de los niños.
(He learned to remove hiccups from children.)

Conozco un truco para quitar el hipo rápidamente.
(I know a trick to get rid of hiccups quickly.)

Quitar el hipo no es tan fácil como parece.
(Removing hiccups is not as easy as it seems.)

Otras maneras de ‘quitar el hipo’ = flipar, molar, alucinar, quedar maravillado, quedar o dejar fascinado, quedar o estar impresionado… (be amazed, be fascinated, be cool)
¡La película tiene un reparto que mola mucho!
(The movie has a cast that’s cool!)

¡Tiene un barco que te quedas maravillado!
(You have a boat that you are amazed!)

¡Tiene una silueta que flipas en colores!
(She has a very cool silhouette!)

¡Cocina que alucinas!
(He cooks really well!)

¡Te quedarás maravillado con su don de gentes!
(You will be amazed with her people skills!)

¡Su habilidad para encestar te deja fascinado!
(His dunk ability leaves you fascinated!)

Te quedas impresionado con su alegría.
(You are impressed with their joy.)


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