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Zaragoza (Spain) / A massive demonstration integrated by neighbours from different towns and villages of Teruel toured the streets of the Aragonese capital, Zaragoza, on Sunday, to support the platform “Teruel Existe” and make visible the “bloody depopulation” suffered by the province, with less than two inhabitants per square kilometer.

A total of 92 municipalities have less than 100 inhabitants and only two -Alcañiz and Teruel- have more than 10,000 neighbours, in a community where their capital, Zaragoza, concentrates a large part of the population.

The people from Teruel will demonstrate from the headquarters of the Government of Aragon to the Plaza del Pilar, where they read a manifesto and in which they asked for solutions because, they said, “we are still on time if we do not surrender, Aragonese, Spaniards, Europeans… “Teruel Exists'”.

A Tamagochi train, from the company ‘Ten-fé’ for the promises “unfulfilled” and made for the occasion by a Teruel artist from Turola, led the way, highlighting one of the province’s shortcomings and historical demands: a railway corridor of high benefits.

The neighbours of Teruel made it clear that they want “the best hospital for Teruel”, “Radiation therapy unit already”, “Health transport” or “a just and equal CAP”, as well as road infrastructures and railways; support for coal mining; and the construction in term of the Alcañiz Hospital.

Listen MP3 (May 6, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“They have abandoned to Teruel. Look, right now we do not even have Internet. That is, we have Internet but as if we did not have it because it is fatal, and many things like that. A lot of paperwork, a lot of paperwork and it turns out that they have papers in the administrations since 2002 and it turns out that it does not arrive here. What is this? There is money for other things and not for the things of duty. And for the small towns they are told that… we have to start with the small towns and it turns out that they are abandoning them. If we are dying!”

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Question 1
El hombre que habla en el MP3...    
está indignado por lo que está ocurriendo en Teruel.
afirma apoyar incondicionalmente a las autoridades de Teruel.
no comprende por qué la gente está protestando en Teruel.
Question 2
Ese hombre...  
asevera que hay muchísimas cosas que no están funcionando como deberían.
reconoce que la mala conexión a Internet es el único problema que hay en Teruel.
descarta que se haya producido algún tipo de problema con Internet en Teruel.
Question 3
Según el MP3...  
la burocracia no ha ayudado en nada para que se hicieran mejoras en Teruel.
si aumentaran los  trámites burocráticos, las cosas se harían antes.
se considera que debería haber mucho más papeleo para que mejoren las cosas en Teruel.
Question 4
El hombre del MP3 considera que...  
no hay motivos para que la gente se queje sobre el uso del dinero público.
el dinero público se está utilizando en cosas necesarias para Teruel.
el dinero se está gastando en cosas que no son tan necesarias.
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