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Denpasar (Indonesia) / Around 200 Spaniards are already at Mataram airport on the Indonesian island of Lombok, waiting to be evacuated after the earthquake of magnitude 6.9 that shook the region last night and that has caused 91 dead and 209 injured.

Those affected will leave the island between “today and Thursday,” the Embassy of Spain in Indonesia said in a post on Twitter.

We discourage flying to Lombok and to the three Gili Islands, which have been evacuated, in the coming days,” the diplomatic delegation’s message said.

Indonesian authorities organized by nationality travellers who have been arriving at the aerodrome since early morning, the 39-year-old Spaniard José María Sánchez told EFE in a conversation on Twitter.

According to Sánchez, several of them suffered minor injuries due to falling objects.

“I think I have broken a toe, and there are many twists and bruises,” said the tourist.

The earthquake, which the United States Geological Survey (USGS) that monitors seismic activity around the world, today reduced the magnitude from 7 to 6.9, and placed the hypo-centre at 31 kilometres deep, compared to 10 initials, hit the north of the island at the last minute, after sunset.

The night in a field

“We were in Senggigi (on the west coast of Lombok), about 300 metres from the beach. We had just arrived at the hotel when the first tremor came, the strongest of all. The whole building was shaken and rubble began to fall, “he explained.

“As (…) the pool was the only place without a roof, we launched a few,” he added.

According to Sánchez, after the quake, the hotel staff disappeared and the tourists organized themselves to face the night, for which they had the help of neighbours.

“We arrived at an open field where we could spend the night. There the network went and came. We managed to talk to the family and reassure them. There have been dozens of replicas, some quite strong too, “said the Spanish tourist.

“This morning, and helped by some local, we got to the shuttle bus to the airport and here we have been since 8 or so”, continued Sanchez, who assured that the information of the Embassy arrives with dropper.

Waiting to be evacuated

The spokesman for the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said that a thousand tourists, Indonesians and foreigners, have been evacuated by boat from the popular islands of Air, Meno and Trawangan, located north-west of Lombok, without any injuries being recorded between them.

Images broadcasted by the spokesman through Twitter showed a beach of one of these three islands crowded with tourists waiting to be evacuated.

“Foreign tourists expect to be evacuated from Trawangan, Meno and Air. The limited capacity of the ships causes the evacuation to be gradual”, Sutopo said in the message.

The cook Laura Rodrigo

In Air there is another Spanish woman, Laura Rodrigo, who works as a cook in one of the tourist establishments on the island where she prepares to spend the night.

“There is no one on the island, everyone has gone to Lombok to see the families,” Rodrigo told EFE in a conversation on Facebook.

“We have decided to stay, but there is nobody, there is no military or anyone who can help us, only the people from the diving centers who had a boat (…) Today we are going to protect ourselves in case there is another earthquake and tomorrow to see if we can have some solution”, she added. (August 6, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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En la noticia se dice que...  
cientos de españoles acaban de ser evacuados de una isla indonesia.
más de un centenar de españoles está esperando para ser evacuado de una isla.
más de un centenar de españoles va a evacuar a unas personas de una isla.
Question 2
Según el texto, esas personas...  
estaban siendo evacuadas cuando se registró un  terremoto en la zona.
fueron evacuadas antes de que se registrara un gran terremoto en la zona.
van a ser evacuadas tras haberse registrado un terremoto en la zona.
Question 3
En la noticia se dice que...  
las autoridades descartan que haya víctimas mortales a causa de ese terremoto.
solo hay cientos de heridos a causa del sismo registrado.
decenas de personas han perdido la vida a causa de ese terremoto.
Question 4
Según la Embajada de España en Indonesia...  
los españoles afectados serán evacuados en esta semana.
la evacuación de los españoles afectados podría comenzar el jueves que viene.
todos los españoles afectados ya han sido evacuados de la isla.
Question 5
En el texto, un turista español relata que...      
el personal del hotel estuvo con los clientes en todo momento.
el personal del hotel fue a buscar a los vecinos para que les ayudaran a socorrer a los turistas.
el personal del hotel dejó a sus clientes solos después de haberse registrado el primer temblor.
Question 6
Según el testimonio de una cocinera...  
casi nadie ha abandonado la isla de Air.
ninguna persona local permanece en la isla de Air.
no hay nadie en ninguna de las islas indonesias.
Question 7
En el vídeo se dice que...  
no se registró ningún sismo la semana pasada.
la semana pasada se registró un sismo en Indonesia.
este es el primer sismo que se registra en Indonesia en lo que va de año.
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Según el vídeo, hubo alerta de tsunami.  
Así es.
No se sabe.
Para nada.
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