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The architect Antoni Gaudí always knew that he would not see the finished Sagrada Familia

The architect Antoni Gaudí always knew that he would not see the finished Sagrada Familia, but what he should not imagine is that 137 years would pass until the central towers of the basilica, posthumous towers of his masterpiece, reached the height -more than 100 meters- of the constructions that he left finished.


It has been in recent months, same in which it they have seen how the green light was finally given to the building permit, and when the characteristic silhouette of the temple has begun to blur and the four traditional towers – dedicated to the apostles – open step to the monumental central towers.

The sources have explained to Efe that of in the basilica, all of them have already exceeded 100 meters high and exceed the size of the lateral towers of the Facade of the Birth, those that Gaudí himself finished and that have been until now the focus.

2026, centenary of the death of Gaudí

The Tower of Jesus Christ, which will be the main one and is expected to be ready in 2022, has reached 101.56 meters and level three of the twelve it will have (172.3 meters), while the Tower of the Virgin Mary It touches 104.35 meters and only four of the nineteen levels that form it (138 meters) remain.

Also the four Towers of the Evangelists, who will measure a total of 135 meters, have advanced to 103.56 meters; They only need to raise four levels of thirteen and are in full view thanks to the removal of the scaffolding.

If the rhythm continues like this, the urban profile of Barcelona will soon cease to be the same.

In fact, the temple architects estimate that by the end of the year almost 80% of all the panels planned for the construction of the central towers will have been placed, which would mean being one step less than completing the works in 2026, the centenary of the death of Gaudí.

The advances in the Towers

At the moment, the advances continue in the Tower of Jesus Christ, where the construction of the stone core of the spiral staircase has begun, which will have 359 steps and will lift visitors from 85 to 143 meters.

Although not all news is so visible. At the same time, the prototypes that will crown the towers terminals are being prepared, that is, their final section, which includes praise and symbolic or iconographic elements.

In the case of the Towers of the Evangelists, it is the angel, the lion, the bull and the eagle of the Christian tetramorphs, alluding to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, while the Tower of the Virgin Mary will be culminated by a Big star of steel and glass.

The Facade of Glory

In addition, the construction team is also working on the definition of the Facade of Glory, whose basic project should be ready during the first quarter of 2020.

For now, it has been defined how people will access the galleries of the chapels, located at 7.5 meters high: they will achieve this thanks to another spiral staircase that will be located at the beginning of the side aisles.

Therefore, if there are no setbacks, Barcelona will put the second most visited monument in Spain and one of the longest-standing architectural projects in the world within a very short time, leaving Gaudí and his eternal work to rest.

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la marcha de las obras en la Sagrada Familia en Barcelona después de obtener la correspondiente licencia
la licencia que requiere la Sagrada Familia para levantar torres de más de 100 metros.
las nuevas torres descubiertas en Barcelona en la Sagrada Familia
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