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The Backstreet Boys speak Spanish!

Viña del Mar (Chile) – With five costume changes, choreography for each theme, a cast of ten dancers, and some words in Spanish, the Backstreet Boys appeared after 21 years to the 15,000 fans who finished the tickets in two hours of the concert that they offered on the eve of the closing of the 60th edition of the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile, the largest song festival in the world for its duration.

The teenagers who in the ninetieth listened to “Everybody” have grown, but that did not stop the cries eager whose they filled the Quinta Vergara half an hour before the start of the concert.

The years have also passed for Brian, Kevin, Nick, AJ and Howie, the five members of this “boy band” of pop music, who among a thick smoke jumped on stage to start with the themes “The One” and “Get down “

“We have taken a long time to return to Chile but now we hope to return soon, tonight we are going to take you on a 26 year career trip, we will listen to all our hits and something from the new album” DNA “, announced AJ McLean.

In 2018, the band released a preview of “DNA” with the single “Do not Go Breaking My Heart”, which was nominated for best song by a group at the last Grammy Awards.

With this theme, the group has returned to the list of successes, after ten years without achieving a similar impact, and have already announced the start of a world tour that will begin in May and with which they assured that they will return to Chile and South America.

The repertoire of the night focused on the songs that millions of teenagers sang to understand their first loves or disappointments like “Shattered” or “Show me the meaning”.

The Spanish of the Backstreet Boys

The five artists, who are already around the quarantine, dared to sing the first verse in Spanish of the song “I will never break your heart”, of which they have a version called “I will never make you cry”.

Kevin Richardson, who was absent from the group between 2006 and 2012, was the one that most moved with the audience that acclaimed him when he said:

“We know there are many countries in South America that are watching us on television and we are very honored to be here, it is a privilege.”

“As long as you love me”, “Inconsolable” and “Do not go breaking my heart” did not miss in this trip for the time for which the band took a totally dedicated audience.

In the final stretch of the concert, which lasted for 90 minutes, the presenters gave them the highest award of the night: the golden gull.

The performance culminated with his great hits “Everybody” and “I want it that way”, which Brian Littrell ended with “I want it in Chile’s way” as a nod to the audience that was waiting for them for 21 years.

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