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The castle of 25,000 lords

París / Located in the center of an artificial lake, jewel of nineteenth-century romantic architecture, witness to a story born in the thirteenth century, the castle of Mothe-Chandeniers, on the riverbanks of the French Loire, has become a symbol of crowdfunding.

From 115 countries, 19,000 taxpayers have donated at least 50 euros, some them up to twice to present the close family, which totals 25,000 owners, all on equal terms when deciding on the future of their belong. In two and a half months the figure of 1.6 million euros has been exceeded, “a record in Europe”.

Behind the walls that remain standing, Mothe-Chadeniers hides an aspect of abandonment, without a roof, with a lush vegetation that has taken over every corner of the castle.

The ruins do not conserve vestiges of its medieval origins, but Mothe-Chandeniers was erected for the first time in the thirteenth century.

In the mid-seventeenth century, the Marquis de Chandoiseau, expelled from the capital by Louis XIV for having participated in a rebellion against the monarch, settled in the palace and created a parallel court there, until he ran out of fortune.

From that moment, the palace passed through several hands until, during the French Revolution, it was looted and partially destroyed, like so many other aristocratic residences.

A wealthy merchant from Orleans, François Hennecart acquired it at the beginning of the 19th century and began an ambitious reconstruction effort inspired by the architecture of the palaces that mark out the Loire.

Mothe-Chandeniers regained its splendor until in 1932, when it was owned by Baron Lejeune and while it was proceeding to a new heating installation, a fire reduced the interior of the palace to ashes.

Never before has a sponsorship project proposed to patrons to become co-owners of a palace, who will manage it through a corporate platform from their residences in the United States, Afghanistan or Burkina Faso, among other sources.(28 diciembre 2017, EFE/PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
La noticia habla sobre...
25.000 personas compran un castillo en Francia.
un castillo francés ha tenido 25.000 señores.
En Francia hay un castillo que aloja a 25.000 personas.
Question 2
Dice el texto de la noticia que...
el récord de micromecenazgo lo tiene Estados Unidos.
se trata del único caso de mecenazgo francés de éxito.
es una operación récord en el crowfounding europeo.
Question 3
Según el texto de la noticia...
aún necesitan 1,6 millones de euros.
se han conseguido más de 1,6 millones de euros.
tienen un beneficio de 1,6 millones de euros.
Question 4
Según la noticia el estado del castillo es...
Question 5
Por el texto de la noticia se sabe que el castillo estuvo habitado por...
el monarca Luis XIV.
un marqués y un comerciante, entre otros.
un grupo de saqueadores.
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