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The chocolate company that in Spain has decided to pay 20 percent more to its workers during COVID-19

Villajoyosa (Alicante) / The company Chocolates Valor has announced that it will increase the salary of the staff that operates in the factories of Villajoyosa (Alicante) and Ateca (Zaragoza) by 20 percent while the state of alarm lasts, in recognition of their work in this period.

In a statement, Chocolates Valor has stated that this incentive in monthly compensation aims to “recognize in a special way” the work of its employees.

“The company has shown appreciation to its workers for the effort and dedication they are showing during these complicated weeks,” he said.

300,000 euros to combat COVID-19

The company based in Villajoyosa has also reported that it has donated 300,000 euros to finance research to combat Covid-19 and to acquire medical supplies for the main hospitals in the province of Alicante and other parts of Spain.

Specifically, 100,000 euros will go to finance research strategies to fight SARS-CoV-2 promoted by the Alicante Institute of Health and Biomedical Research (ISABIAL).

It is a sanitary research institute of excellence accredited by the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Health that brings together experts from the Alicante health department: General Hospital, the Miguel Hernández de Elche University (UMH) and the University from Alicante.

Company sources have highlighted the importance of advancing research to finally eradicate this pandemic that plagues everyone.

The rest of the money, 200,000 euros, will go to the purchase of priority medical supplies and the donation of products such as EPIs, which have already begun to be distributed in the main hospitals in the Alicante province.

The distribution of products is also carried out in different parts of Spain, as a priority in hospital centers, to cover the needs of the groups involved in helping in this health emergency. (April 16, 2020, EFEAGRO / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que...
todos los trabajadores de una compañía de chocolates seguirán cobrando lo mismo.
una compañía de chocolates anunció que contratará a más trabajadores durante el estado de alarma.
los trabajadores de una compañía de chocolates cobrarán más.
Question 2
Según el texto...
esos trabajadores tendrán un aumento de sueldo el año que viene.
esos trabajadores cobrarán más hasta que el país deje de estar en estado de alarma.
el aumento de sueldo no será temporal.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...
es posible que Chocolates Valor realice una donación para ayudar en la lucha contra la COVID-19.
Chocolates Valor donó cientos de miles de euros en la lucha contra la COVID-19.
Chocolates Valor donó más de trescientos millones de euros en la lucha contra la COVID-19.
Question 4
En el texto se dice que...
Chocolates Valor considera importante que avance la investigación para acabar con la COVID-19.
todo el dinero donado por Chocolates Valor se destinará a la compra de material sanitario.
no se sabe el motivo por el cual esos trabajadores cobrarán un 20% más.
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