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The chupinazo opened the Sanfermines with controversy

Pamplona / Two volunteers from the road assistance association (DYA) lit the wick of Chupinazo, in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain), that one year more announced the feasts of San Fermin and, fifteen minutes earlier, the city council ignited the controversy by placing, in the consistorial balcony, the Ikurriña, official flag of the País Vasco, in contrary to the current legality, according to the Delegation of the Government.

At twelve o’clock, all eyes were on a rocket launched from the main balcony of the Pamplona City Hall, leaving behind the waving flags, including the Ikurriña, after the Navarre Parliament repealed the Formal Symbols Law, despite The warnings of the Delegation of the Government in Navarre of the illegality of placing the Basque flag, even in the case of an official invitation to the holidays to an authority of the Basque Country.

The DYA volunteer, Paula Remírez, lived “the moment” to light the rocket’s wick, which went off into the sky, more calmly than she thought, as she also said on behalf of her partner Maria Calado, aware that it was the Face and voice of all his companions, whose names carried written in the belt.

“I noticed that my hand trembled a bit when I lit the wick and, although I thought it would make me more nervous, I think I have kept my cool pretty well,” he said, then acknowledging that it was “better not to think” when she come in the balcony of the Town Hall and has seen thousands of people in the square.

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