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The Community of Madrid closes again at the Almudena Bank Holiday

Madrid / The Community of Madrid has closed perimeter from midnight this Friday until Monday, November 9, included to prohibit entry and exit from the region at the Almudena Bank Holiday and thus avoid contagion by coronavirus, as happened a week ago during the bridge of All Saints.

This new perimeter closure will be in effect from Friday, November 6 at 00:00 to Tuesday, November 10 at 00:00, as established at the end of October by the Community of Madrid in a regional decree signed by the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

This decree also included the closure of the region by the bridge of All Saints, from Friday, October 30 to Monday, November 2 included.

The Community of Madrid has adopted these four-day closures despite the fact that the Royal Decree of the central Government that includes the state of alarm establishes a minimum period of seven days in the measures to try to contain the expansion of the coronavirus.

The Government already gave its approval for the Todos los Santos Bank Holiday after a request from Ayuso formulated by letter to the president, Pedro Sánchez, and did it again for the Almudena bridge after the meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council last Wednesday.

At this meeting, the Government and the communities addressed this request from Madrid, among other matters, although the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, pointed out that the minimum duration of the measures against the coronavirus will be maintained “in general” at least seven days.

For her part, the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, who commented that closing only during bridges would create “confusion and insecurity”, said this Thursday that this measure adopted by Madrid may be “adequate” to “stop contagion.”

Prohibitions and restrictions

During the Almudena Bank Holiday, it will be forbidden to enter and leave the Community of Madrid except for properly justified trips, such as compliance with work obligations or attendance at educational centers.

However, transit journeys through the region are permitted.

On the other hand, in the Community of Madrid other measures are still in force, such as the curfew that prohibits going out to the street from 00:00 to 6:00 and the restrictions in 35 basic health areas, from which it is not possible to enter or leave except for good reasons, such as going to work.

Thus, a person living in a basic health zone with restrictions will not be able to move at any time to other areas of the Community.

However, a citizen who lives in a basic health zone without restrictions may move freely through the Community of Madrid, although he will not be allowed to leave the region or enter areas with restrictions.

The Community of Madrid plans to announce new measures this Friday. (November 6, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news in video (October 21, 2020):


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de la aplicación del toque de queda en la capital de España.
del cierre perimetral de Madrid durante el puente de la Almudena.
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En el texto se dice que...
se permitirá que todos los ciudadanos entren o salgan de Madrid solo durante el puente de la Almudena.
no se podrá ni entrar ni salir de Madrid durante el puente de la Almudena.
desde el 6 de noviembre hasta final de mes no se podrá ni entrar ni salir de Madrid.
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esta es la primera vez que se produce un cierre perimetral de Madrid a causa del coronavirus.
este cierre perimetral se realiza para intentar controlar la expansión de un virus.
este cierre perimetral de Madrid durará más de una semana.
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dejará de aplicarse el toque de queda en Madrid desde hoy hasta el 9 de noviembre.
por ahora no hay ninguna zona básica de salud con restricciones.
se podrá o salir de Madrid durante el puente de la Almudena por motivos laborales.
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se desmiente que el Gobierno español esté estudiando aplicar el toque de queda.
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