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The controversial pact of the Spanish socialists with the proetarras to repeal the labor reform of the PP in Spain

Madrid / The PSOE management argues that it closed the pact with EH-Bildu (pro-Etar party) to repeal the labor reform, an agreement that it has later qualified, with the sole objective of saving the extension of the state of alarm in the face of what it describes as “irresponsibility” of the PP, who was opposed to supporting the vote in Congress.

The pact signed by the parliamentary groups of the PSOE, Unidas Podemos and EH Bildu has opened a crack in the coalition government by uncovering the differences over the scope of the repeal of the labor reform.

While the second vice president and leader of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, stressed that the repeal will be total, as this is stated in the agreement, something shared by the head of the Equality portfolio, Irene Montero: “What is signed is signed”, He has assured in an interview on TVE.

But the PSOE has transmitted a different idea: The repeal will be partial, that is, the dismissal due to absenteeism or certain limitations in the collective agreements will disappear. This is what the head of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, has said.

The PSOE is explained

Sources from Ferraz (headquarters of the PSOE) say that the only priority was to get this extension carried out as a way to “save lives” in the fight against the coronavirus and that the parliamentary group had to go to other parliamentary groups, such as EH-Bildu, to find the necessary supports.

The abertzale party made it a condition to facilitate the extension to repeal the labor reform of the PP, a suppression of harmful measures against the workers, the sources point out, which was already compromised in the government agreement with Unidas Podemos, so it did not mean anything new. .

For Ferraz sources, the expression “repeal in full” the labor reform that appeared in the initial agreement signed by the PSOE and United We Can with Bildu then nuanced, does not allude to anything other than what was agreed in his day with the party of Pablo Iglesias.

Remember the leadership of the PSOE that there is also no single specific rule that includes all the labor reform of the PP, so technically it is not possible to repeal all the legislation that contains it.

The PSOE management regrets, however, that the social agents may have been annoyed to learn about this agreement that affects labor standards without having a prior dialogue and has reiterated its intention to maintain dialogue with unions and employers.

Minister Nadia Calviño: we are here to solve problems, not create them

“Taxpayers pay us to solve problems and not to create them,” Minister of Economic Affairs Nadia Calviño said in relation to the pact.

The also vice president stated that it would be “absurd and counterproductive” to open a debate on labor reform at this time and has guaranteed that any eventual modification will be done in dialogue with the social partners.

Calviño spoke in this way during the ‘online’ session organized by the Barcelona Economic Circle to reflect on the economic, political and social consequences of the pandemic.

“With the reality that we have on the table, it would be absurd and counterproductive to open a debate of this nature and generate the slightest legal uncertainty,” he said.

Nadia Calviño recalled that Spain is in a state of alarm, that 27,000 people have died, that the drop in GDP is estimated at more than 9%, that there are 3 million workers affected by an ERTE and that “a substantial increase in poverty”.

The CEOE breaks the dialogue

The head of the Government’s economic policy has opened the door to making changes in the workplace, although she has promised that any modification in this area “will be done in dialogue with the social partners”, following a “philosophy” that, has underlined, has implemented in recent months.

Calviño has made this support to businessmen clear shortly after announcing the CEOE president, Antonio Garamendi, who “suspends” the employer’s presence at the social dialogue tables after learning about the agreement reached yesterday between the PSOE and Bildu to repeal labor reform.

The President of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, “suspended” the employer’s presence at the social dialogue tables on Thursday, after learning about the agreement reached between the Government and Bildu.

In an interview on RNE, Garamendi stated that said agreement “a real nonsense and a capital irresponsibility”, which can have “incalculable consequences” on confidence in the Spanish economy for national and foreign companies.

“It seems very serious to me what was signed,” he said, about a pact, which, according to him, “has taken businessmen and unions by surprise.” (May 22, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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