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Health Nivel B2

The coronavirus mutates little, less than the flu, according to experts

Madrid / Preliminary results from the population sequencing study of the coronavirus indicate its low mutation, less than that of the influenza virus, which could benefit when obtaining the vaccine.

This has been assured by Patricia Muñoz, Professor of Medical Microbiology at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, during the Ramón Areces Foundation colloquium on COVID-19, which has been moderated by the exporter of the COVID-19 Group formed by the Government and the Community of Madrid, the infectious disease expert, Emilio Bouza.

Along with Muñoz and Bouza, other specialists in the field have intervened in the conference called “Covid-19: second wave”, to update what is known so far about the coronavirus pandemic, the Ramón Areces Foundation reported in a statement.

Mutates “every fifteen days”

Muñoz has assured that the preliminary results of the population sequencing study of the coronavirus that is being carried out in Spain confirm that, contrary to what was previously thought, “it is a virus that mutates little.”

“It mutates very little every fifteen days, much less than the flu virus, and this is something encouraging for future vaccines,” said the professor at Marañón, a center that participates in a national consortium to describe this coronavirus.

It has provided data on the evolution of the flu season in the Southern Hemisphere, where it has already been possible to see the incidence and coexistence with COVID-19 and has shown hope because in Australia, South Africa and South America they have registered ” very few ”cases of co-infection of Covid-19 and influenza.

Trackers and cases of reinfected

Regarding the effectiveness or not of the trackers in the current phase of the disease, Carlos Barros, from the Hospital Universitario de Móstoles (Madrid), has opined that the tracking, if it is not accompanied by an obligation to carry out home confinement at the person who tests positive and her contacts, “which in Spain it is obvious that it is not being carried out, it is useless”.

In his opinion, hiring thousands of trackers now would be useless “if the police then have to go to confirm that this individual is at home.”

He has also spoken of the reinfected and in this sense has shown his surprise that only eight cases have been registered in the world, four of them Spanish, because the logical thing is that there are “real reinfections and that these are less serious”, he explained the expert.

From the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, Enrique Navas stressed that the data on community transmission and incidence “no longer leave any doubt” that there is already a second wave of coronavirus.

Bouza has asked about the possibility of creating quotas in hospitals for covid-19 patients in order to be able to care for the rest of the patient, something about which Barros has said that they “are suffering a lot with this pandemic.”

He has given as an example that hematologists are seeing myelomas again in “very serious” situations that they had not seen for a long time. (September 30, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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se considera que tanto la persona que ha dado positivo como sus contactos tienen que estar confinados en sus domicilios.
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no es necesario que la persona que da positivo en COVID-19 permanezca confinada en su domicilio.
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apenas se han registrado casos de COVID-19 en India.
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