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The Davos Forum in front of protectionism

Davos Forum began today with a call for cooperation and reforms of global organizations in front of protectionism arisen from the hand of US President Donald Trump, in response to society’s discontent with globalization.

A heavy snowfall that Davos had not lived in two decades and has caused logistical problems to the organization of the meeting, the forty-eighth annual meeting was opened today punctual, with an appeal for “international collaboration” by the Swiss president of turn, Alain Berset.

The Swiss politician argued that the strong growth of the global economy, which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has placed at 3.9% for this year and 2019, can provoke the illusion that the nationalist and protectionist movements are only a phase transient, when, he warned, this is not case.

Equally, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the first president of his country to address the elite of Davos since 1997, said that protectionism “is no less dangerous than climate change or terrorism,” two of the great challenges of the planet that he cited in his strong speech.

“Everyone talks about an interconnected world, but we have to accept that globalization slowly loses its shine,” Modi said.

The lack of development, poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunities and the domination of natural and technological resources raise barriers in the world that make it more difficult to move towards peace and prosperity, he warned.
The US president will be able to explain on Friday to the World Economic Forum his concept of “the United States first”, in antithesis of the openness and cooperation promoted by Modi and which is expected to defend today also the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. (23 enero 2018, EFE/PracticaEspañol)

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Según la noticia, el proteccionismo económico en el mundo...
ha centrado el Foro de Davos
ha surgido de la mano de Trump
ha descontentado a la sociedad.
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Según la noticia, Narendra Modi, primer ministro de la India ha dicho que...
el mundo levanta barreras
la cooperación es la salvación.
la globalización pierde brillo
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La noticia informa sobre...
inicio de los trabajos del Foro de Davos.
críticas a la intervención el viernes de Trump
clausura de los trabajos del Foro de Davos.
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Narendra Modi afirma que...
terrorismo y cambio climático son más peligrosos que el proteccionismo.
el proteccionismo es tan peligroso como el terrorismo.
el proteccionismo es menos peligroso que el terrorismo.
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