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The disappearance at the airport of Juan Guaidó’s uncle when he returned to Caracas after 23 days of international tour

Caracas / An uncle of Juan Guaidó, Juan José Márquez, disappeared Tuesday shortly after landing in Caracas with his nephew, the Venezuelan opposition leader, and after being intercepted by the customs authorities, according to the politician’s team.

“We denounced the disappearance of Juan José Márquez, uncle of the president (in charge) Juan Guaidó, who accompanied the president on the plane at the time of arriving in Venezuela,” the National Communication Center (CNC) of Guaidó reported on Twitter.

He also blamed the governor Nicolás Maduro and the security director of the Maiquetía International Airport, Franco Quintero, for “his physical integrity”.

“We demand his release,” continues the message of the Guaidó team, whom almost 60 countries recognize as interim president of Venezuela.

In this regard they clarified that Márquez accompanied Guaidó on his return to Venezuela after a 23-day tour.

“After normal migration, and about to leave, Márquez was retained for an alleged review of the (National Integrated Service of Customs and Tax Administration) Seniat,” added the information.

Chavismo supporters beat Guaidó

After passing the migratory controls, Guaidó went to the arrivals hall of the Maiquetía airport, which serves Caracas, where about 200 Chavismo supporters who beat him, pushed and insulted him until he could reach his vehicle, with which he arrived He left the place.

“Taking advantage of the chaos at the airport caused by the violence of the dictatorship, they retained Mr. Márquez,” added the message on Twitter from the CNC.

Finally, they explained that several “relatives reported that he contacted them” and told them that Seniat officials “only required him to sign some papers to retire.”

“From that moment on he didn’t hear from him again. We denounce the forced disappearance and demand their release, ”they concluded. (February 12, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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