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The disappointment experienced by various towns in Madrid to continue, without COVID-19, in phase zero

Madrid / The refusal to allow the Community of Madrid to enter phase 1 of the de-escalation this Monday especially afflicts the dozens of small towns in the Sierra Norte that have not registered any cases of coronavirus and where their few neighbors live with “absolute disappointment”. than to remain confined.

This absence of contagions led them to dream of the small concessions that phase 1 allows, such as meetings of up to ten people and, above all, the opening of the bar terraces.


This is the case of Madarcos, the least populated town in the Community of Madrid, with just 51 inhabitants and “the need” to interact, after more than fifty days without contacts.

“It is true that here we have natural isolation because we are very few neighbors, but we miss chatting over coffee and having the social life of the town,” its mayor, Eva Gallego, explains to EFE.

At Madarcos they promise to have vehemently followed all the rules of confinement. First, because they do not have places to go “en masse”, but also because they have been “very aware” from the first moment, given that they have a majority of retired neighbors, who must be “protected”.

“We live in a contradiction, because we want everything to start moving and, at the same time, it is scary that the arrival of people at their second residence puts us in danger,” says the first mayor.

Some residents wish that the de-escalation would have been more lax for the smaller municipalities without cases of coronavirus.

Perhaps, they fantasize, a lack of confinement could have been established “by zones” because not in all of Madrid there are “big cities”, as defended by the only three teenagers from Madarcos, who are sisters and long to be able to move to the neighboring municipalities to see, even if only away to friends or other teens.

La Hiruela

A similar case is that of La Hiruela, where 60 people live who live “with absolute disappointment” not being able to go this week to the terrace of their only bar.

Such was his desire to throw back rods that the establishment had already made the necessary adaptations, separating the tables and disinfecting every corner.

“But the norm speaks of the entire Community of Madrid, without considering that in the Sierra Norte they have hardly been affected,” its mayor, Ignacio Merino, tells EFE.

“People assume it, but they assume it wrong, with indignation: it has been a jug of cold water,” acknowledges the first mayor of this mountain corner, where there is a bar, a restaurant, a hotel and three rural houses that would have opened their doors “little by little” in case of passing phase.

“But everyone has been looking at the landscape, with the face of a mus, seeing from a distance the customers they had, especially on the weekend,” says the councilman.

In this town they are studying ways to adapt tourism in the future, so that “there are no risks or overcrowding”, with measures such as the regulation of parking.

Villar del Olmo

In Villar del Olmo, with 1,970 inhabitants, they console themselves with the possibility of, at least, being able to take their walks at any time of the day, as they do not exceed 5,000 inhabitants.

Lucila Toledo, its mayor, says that the neighbors “are respecting all the norms”, perhaps because they have a few meters from their homes numerous routes and paths that lead them into the middle of nature, or because there are dozens of steps that separate the homes, so that “they can continue socializing”.

Its two bars, meanwhile, continue with the blind lowered.

The inhabitants of the small towns of the Community of Madrid not only yearn to return to the terraces, there are also faithful who are counting the days to return to share celebrations in the churches.

Gorge of the Mountains

It is the reality of Garganta de los Montes, with 348 inhabitants, whose mayor, Juan Carlos Carretero, is stopped on the street daily to ask him to open the temple.

“Hotel establishments are also missed, that is the truth,” admits the leader, who maintains that in his town many were in favor that permission for de-escalation had been granted, not by autonomous communities or provinces, but by regions .

“The peoples of the Sierra are open country residences,” says the mayor, who appeals to the responsibility to continue keeping the virus out of those small municipalities. (May 11, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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