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Laura and David, daughter and son of the legendary French rocker Johnny Hallyday, fruit of the relationship with the singer Sylvie Vartan, his first wife, have challenged the testament in which the singer bequeaths the whole of his estate and his copyright to his last wife,32, with which he adopted two daughters.

Laura’s lawyers have made public they have the mandate, to which David has associated, to carry out all the necessary legal actions to challenge that written will in California (USA), where the artist lived.

They pointed out Laura “found with stupefaction and pain her father’s will” in which “the whole of his patrimony and his author’s rights are exclusively transmitted to her wife, Laeticia”.

The rocker shared the last part of his life with this ex-model, 32 years younger than him, who in 1996 became his fourth wife and with whom he adopted two daughters, Jade and Joy, whom in the now contested text he names heirs of his fortune “in equal parts” in case of death of his adoptive mother.

According to the lawyers of the singer’s second daughter, fruit of his relationship with the actress Nathalie Baye, the “extravagant dispositions” of the Californian testament “manifestly contravene the requirements of French law.”

In addition, they were surprised Johnny Hallyday did not bequeath to his daughter, “no material good, no prerogative over his artistic work, no memory”.

“Not a guitar, not a motorcycle, not even the album signed with the song ‘Laura’ that he dedicated her,” they added.

Hallyday, whose death caused a great excitement in France, where a tribute headed by the president, Emmanuel Macron, met in Paris to hundreds of thousands of people, amassed a huge fortune, which includes several mansions, as well as millionaires royalties, that has 18 platinum discs. (February 12, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (March 9, 2016):


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Question 1
En el texto se dice que…
Johnny Hallyday no ha dejado nada en su testamento a nadie de su familia.
unos hijos de un músico francés no aparecen en el testamento de su padre.
los primeros hijos que tuvo Hallyday son los que han heredado todos los bienes.
Question 2
Según el texto…
Laura ya sabía que su padre no la dejaría nada en su testamento.
Laura es la que más bienes ha heredado de su padre.
Laura se sorprendió al saber que no heredará nada de su padre.
Question 3
Ninguna de las hijas adoptivas de Hallyday heredará nada de su padre.
Es falso.
Es verdad.
Nadie lo sabe.
Question 4
¿Por qué esos hijos de Hallyday van a impugnar el testamento de su padre?
Porque consideran injusto que no hereden nada.
Porque creen que su padre les ha dejado demasiadas cosas en herencia.
Porque no quieren que otras personas hereden las cosas de su padre.
Question 5
Según los abogados, ese testamento…
va en contra del derecho en Francia.
es completamente legal.
va en contra de las leyes de Estados Unidos.
Question 6
Hallyday es un icono de la música rock en Francia.
Para nada.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Así es.
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