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The documentary about Anne Frank with Helen Mirren as main narrator

Madrid / His history is a symbol of the Holocaust and the newspaper he wrote during his confinement, one of the most widely spread books of all time. This documentary is now joined by the documentary “Discovering Anne Frank. Parallel stories ”that seeks to bring this story closer to a new generation.

Co-directed by journalists Sabina Fedeli (writer of “Painters and Kings of the Prado”) and Ana Migotto (writer of “Citizen Rosi”), the film was released in Spain on salavirtualdecine.com and on other digital platforms (Movistar +, Vodafone, Rakuten TV, Apple TV, Google Play and Orange).

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren serves as narrator for the main episodes of the Jewish teenager’s diary, which record the almost two and a half years she spent hiding from the Nazis in an Amsterdam house during World War II.

Mirren’s voice guides the journey that the Italian actress Martina Gatti, 24, is currently undertaking through the main enclaves of history, a journey that in turn narrates her contacts on social networks and that begins in the field of concentration of Bergen Belsen (Germany), where Anne Frank died of typhus in 1945, along with her sister Margot.

From there it goes to the Westerbork field (Holland); to Amsterdam, where she was arrested by the Gestapo in August 1944, and to Paris, where she visits the Holocaust museum and comes in contact with the stories of five contemporary Anne Frank survivors.


The documentary thus incorporates the testimonies of Arianna Szörenyi, Sarah Lichtsztejn-Montard, Helga Weiss, the sisters Andra and Tatiana Bucci and the grandchildren of some of them, who talk about how difficult it is for the former to break the silence around what that they lived and for the seconds to get to feel those stories as terrible as something real and their own.

“For anyone who has lived through the holocaust, it is very difficult to tell the horrors they have gone through,” Migotto tells EFE, “but the incredible thing is that all these women show a deep capacity to resist, none of them hate and do not have fear of expressing their opinions ”.

The starting point to shoot the documentary, says the director, was to remember that in 2019 Anne Frank would have turned 90 years old. Another determining factor was the visit that producer and distributor Franco di Sarro (Nexo Digital) made with his daughters to the adolescent’s house museum.

Finally, as journalists, both Migotto and Fedeli felt that the Anne Frank story continues to have resonances today, due to their alerts to racism.

Anne Frank is aware that her family is Jewish, a town that is going towards the massacre, but also has a look towards others and towards injustice in general,” he points out.

Anne Frank, a young woman with a special look

The newspaper features a young woman who changes moods, is sad, happy, vivacious, hopeful or depressed. But at the same time she is a young woman with a special look.

“She wanted to be a journalist, she wanted to write, she was clear that she did not want to limit herself to the role of woman and mother but to do something for humanity, leave a legacy,” says Migotto.

In this sense, he believes that the documentary affects these “most forgotten” aspects of Anne Frank, as a witness with a “political” opinion, compared to the teenager who finds it difficult to be locked up.

About the choice of Helen Mirren, winner of an Oscar for “The Queen”, says she was the perfect candidate. “We wanted a mature person and an actress who stood out personally for taking sides, with strong opinions, to symbolize all the people, alive or dead, who have taken sides,” he explains.

The music for the documentary is in charge of Lele Marchitelli, Italian composer and regular collaborator of Paolo Sorrentino, in “The great beauty”, “Loro” or the television series “The Young Pope”. (May 27, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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