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The eleven new mandatory measures in Spain to combat the spread of COVID-19

Madrid / The Ministry of Health, with the consensus of all the communities, has resorted for the first time to coordinated actions to decree eleven mandatory measures throughout the national territory this Friday, along with three recommendations and a reminder to try to stop the expansion and the increase in COVID-19 infections, almost 3,000 in the last 24 hours.

The measures affect nightlife, hospitality, social health centers, mass events, specific screening and the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, explained the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, at a press conference.

If these actions, which already decrees Health and not the autonomies, also failed to stop the transmission of the virus, the next scenario that the plan contemplates is the state of alarm.

The eleven measures approved are the following:

Nightlife: closing of discos, dance halls and cocktail bars with live musical performances.

Hotels and restaurants: Closing at 1 a.m., with the impossibility of accepting new customers after midnight and application of the minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters in bar services, the distance between tables and the limitation to 10 people per table.

Social health centers or nursing homes:

It is mandatory to carry out PCR on new entrants with a maximum delay of 72 hours and on employees who return from their leave or vacation period.

Limitation of visits to one per person and resident, extreme prevention measures and a maximum of one hour a day, with staggering numbers to avoid crowds.

Exceptions can be made for patients who are in the end-of-life process.

Residents’ departures from social health centers are limited to the maximum.

Mass events and activities: mandatory to carry out a risk assessment by the health authorities for each event or activity.

Obligation to screen with PCR, in the event of an epidemic outbreak, to those populations at risk, such as social health centers, neighborhoods or blocks of houses, among others.

Consumption of alcohol on the street: the botellón is prohibited: communities and municipalities are urged to strictly apply the agreed sanctions.

Smoking is prohibited on public roads or outdoors when the two-meter space can’t be respected. This measure extends to any smoking device.

The 3 recommendations:

– Limit social events to stable coexistence groups; that is to say, everything that is encounters with other people outside of that stable group should be limited to the maximum.

– Limit social events to a maximum of 10 people.

– In residences: carry out screening PCR tests periodically to ensure that there have not been any workers who are positive

The reminder to all communities:

– Early detection, surveillance and monitoring of cases and the health system. (August 14, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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esta es la primera vez que se adoptan unas medidas para hacer frente al COVID-19 en España.
unas medidas han sido aprobadas en España para tratar de frenar la expansión del COVID-19 en el país.
aún no se sabe cuáles serán las nuevas medidas que serán aprobadas por el Gobierno español para hacer frente al COVID-19.
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el cumplimiento de todas esas nuevas medidas es opcional.
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algunas regiones de España no están obligadas a hacer cumplir algunas de esas nuevas medidas.
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si la situación sigue empeorando es posible que se vuelva a declarar el estado de alarma en España.
todas esas nuevas medidas entrarán en vigor el mes que viene.
no todas las comunidades autónomas han estado de acuerdo con las medidas que se han adoptado.
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ninguna de esas medidas afectará a la hosterlería y al ocio nocturno.
por ahora  se permiten las reuniones de grupos de más de una veintena de personas.
no se permite el consumo de alcohol en la calle.
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Canarias fue la primera en prohibir fumar en la calle si no se guarda una distancia de seguridad.
las sociedades médicas aplaudieron esta prohibición.
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