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The exhibition that in Barcelona evokes the world of Banksy

Barcelona / After passing through Paris and in the newly opened Espacio Trafalgar, in Barcelona, ​​where a car museum was once located, more than a hundred works are exhibited in “The World of Banksy”, which includes life-size reproductions of works that the street artist did between 2000 and 2018 in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Palestine.

The exhibition evokes the urban and socio-political world of street artist Banksy, with pieces created by ten artists who remain anonymous and take as their starting point works by the well-known street painter.

The same exhibition has been exhibited in Paris in the Lafayette Drouot space, where it has received more than 150,000 visitors.

“The World of Banksy” proposes a trip along the career of Banksy, to discover or rediscover mural works that “in most cases no longer exist because they were stolen or destroyed and only records on the Internet ”, Explained the promoter of the Trafalgar Space and curator of the exhibition, the Albanian-Belgian theater director and producer Hasis Vardar.

Vardar comments that when he was proposed to make this exhibition on street art he decided to “transgress the rules of normal exhibitions” and hence the surround sound, with police sirens or urban traffic that accompany the wall paintings that sometimes they are confused with red brick walls or, as in the courtyard, reminiscent of the Berlin Wall.

When Vardar is asked if it is an authorized exhibition by Banksy, the commissioner replies that “no exhibition dedicated to Banksy was authorized and nobody knows who Banksy is.”

Bansky, “against copyright”

Remember also that the popular graffiti artist “is against copyright and the concept of copyright and has declared himself in favor of his work being disseminated.”

In the exhibition, grouped thematically according to the places where it was made, United Kingdom, Paris and the United States, you can see some of Banksy’s most emblematic works as “50th anniversary of the 1968 revolution of Paris”, “Forbidden to play a ball (No ball games), “The rat out of his bed,” There is always hope (girl with balloon) “,” Flower thrower “,” Palestinian-Israeli pillow war “or” Laugh while you can “.

Vardar has announced that after the exhibition on Banksy, the Trafalgar Space will host an exhibition about Van Gogh within one or two years. (February 26, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news in video (2018):


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Bansky realizó todas sus obras en Reino Unido.
ninguna obra de Banksy se ha destruido.
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se pueden oír sirenas en el lugar donde se exhiben esas obras de Bansky.
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ninguna de las obras expuestas es una reproducción.
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Sobre Bansky se dice que... (About Bansky, it's said that...)
no quiere que se difunda su obra.
desmiente que esté en contra de los derechos de autor.
se han robado algunas de sus obras.
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