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Madrid / It is foreseen that the Council of Ministers will approve on Friday the 24th a decree law to activate the process of exhumation of the mortal remains of the dictator Francisco Franco, who died in 1975.

The intention of the Government of socialist Pedro Sanchez is to modify the Law of Historical Memory, as announced by the Minister of Culture, José Guirao.

Once approved by the Government that decree law must be validated by the Congress of Deputies when the session begins.

The government of Pedro Sánchez has encountered problems in Franco’s family to exhume the emains of the dictator Francisco Franco.

The political course in Spain starts with this government decision against which Partido Popular (PP) and Ciudadanos have already been placed.

Both formations have criticized the Government for wanting to use the decree-law route for an issue like this that requires political consensus and not legislative urgency.

The president of the PP Pablo Casado has considered that Spain has to look to the future and “of what has to happen in the next half century and not of what happened half a century ago” although as a grandson of a victim of reprisals has said:

“I will never defend that building (The Valley of the Fallen), nor who is buried inside.”

Albert Rivera has advanced that his party will vote against, arguing that the way of the decree law is for an urgent matter and the exhumation of the remains of Franco does not seem urgent after 40 years of democracy.

To the Spaniards, he said, “more than the bones of Franco, they care about the education of their children, the future of employment or security against terrorism.

Other political parties such as the Basque Nationalists (PNV) have announced their vote in favor:

“It’s about time,” the spokesman said in the national parliament.

Meanwhile, according to National Heritage data, the number of people who visited the Valley of the Fallen went from 25,532 in July 2017 to 38,269 last month, which represents an increase of almost 50 percent. (August 22, 2018, EFE/PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
El texto trata sobre...
La exhumación de los restos del dictador Francisco Franco.
La oposición del PP y Ciudadanos a la exhumación de los restos del dictador Francisco Franco.
El rechazo de la familia de Francisco Franco a la exhumación de sus restos.
Question 2
Los partidos que se oponen a la exhumación argumentan que...
no se debe usar el decreto ley para asuntos que no son urgentes.
la familia es quien debe decidir y no el Gobierno.
Question 3
"Represaliado" significa...
persona que defiende una idea política contraria.
persona que lleva a cabo represalias contra otros.
persona que ha sufrido castigos, represalias.
Question 4
Albert Rivera señala que...
la exhumación de los restos de Franco debió realizarse 40 años atrás.
hay otros asuntos más importantes para los españoles que la exhumación de los restos de Franco.
la exhumación de los restos de Franco es un asunto que no interesa a todos los españoles.
Question 5
El número de visitas al Valle de los Caídos ha descendido en los últimos meses.
No se cita.
Question 6
Según el vídeo, la exhumación de los restos de Franco debe hacerse con...
serenidad, moderación y naturalidad.
rapidez, sensatez y naturalidad.
serenidad, prudencia y naturalidad.
Question 7
Según el vídeo, Sánchez quiere que en España...
haya símbolos que unan a la ciudadanías.
no se creen nuevos símbolos.
no haya ningún tipo de símbolo.
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