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The fifth nuclear test of North Korea

North Korea confirmed Friday september 9, on state television that it carried out its fifth nuclear test on the day the country celebrated the 68th anniversary of the founding of the nation.

The atomic test was carried out “successfully,” said Ri Chun-hee, the news anchor, who handles major announcements of the regime.

The announcement of the test, conducted at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site, the same place where North Korea conducted its previous four nuclear tests in 2006, 2009, 2013 and in January of this year, was made on state broadcaster KCTV at around 1pm local time.

The announcement, however, did not provide any details on the type of test that was carried out.

According to the state media, the test is a response to the United States and other countries that have imposed sanctions on North Korea, and those who have rejected the country’s status as a nuclear power and censured it for actions based on its right to self defense.

The media report also warned that Pyongyang will continue to strengthen its nuclear capabilities.

Earlier in January, North Korea said it had detonated a hydrogen bomb, although experts had doubted the claim.

The latest nuclear test that triggered a magnitude 5 quake in the northwest of the country, would have released 10 kilotonnes of energy, according to the South Korean army, which would make it the most powerful test carried out by Pyongyang till date.

Seoul had condemned the latest test as an “intolerable provocation” while Japan described it as a “serious threat” to their safety.

The nuclear test in January and the launch of a rocket carrying ballistic missile technology in February resulted in the United Nations imposing harsh sanctions against the country that crippled its foreign trade.

After Friday’s detonation followed a strong reactions from the international community that is alarmed by the Kim Jong-un regime’s rapid advances in nuclear weapons and missile technology.


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