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New Delhi / The movie “Padmaavat” has been released amid the deployment of thousands of police in front of movie theatres in the north of India, after a week of protests by radical Hinduists, acts of vandalism, burning of vehicles and urban material; and two dozen arrests.

According to announced the general director of the Police of Haryana, B.S. In Sandhu, 18 people have been arrested on charges of being involved in an attack on a school bus and the burning of an urban bus outside Gurgaon, a city in the state of Haryana that is part of the suburb of New Delhi.

“If we found someone involved in illegal activities, he will be immediately arrested and strict actions will be taken against him”, the police official said.

The film tells the story (or legend) of a thirteenth-century Rajput queen who committed suicide to protect her honour and that of her family after the death of her husband, King Rana Ratan Singh, at the hands of the Muslim Sultan Allaudin Khilji.

The controversy has arisen by a supposed scene in which the Muslim king dreams to obtain the love of the queen, scene that has indignant to the rajput and to sectors of the radical Hinduism, although the authors of the film assure that it does not exist.

The premiere of the film was cancelled last November, also because of the protests it unleashed and after the BJP press coordinator in Haryana, offered $ 1.5 million for the head of the film’s director, Sanjay Leela. Bhansali, and the interpreter Deepika Padukone.

Now, after passing the indifferent indifferent censorship and receiving support from the Supreme Court, the film, initially called “Padmavati”, has been projected as “Padmaavat” between strong security measures.

At the gates of the small Delite Diamond cinema in the capital, up to 60 policemen stood guard today while some curious people came to shoot photos to immortalize the striking picture.

“The producer and the director (of” Padmaavat “) are also Hindus. Why should they dishonour their own religion?”, the young Mohammed Zaid, 18, told EFE after buying his ticket. (January 25, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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En la noticia se dice que…
unos vehículos fueron quemados para celebrar el éxito de una película en India.
el estreno de una película ha causado malestar en un sector de la población india.
no hay ningún tipo de queja por el estreno de una película en India.
Question 2
Según el texto…
el filme ‘Padmaavat’ fue estrenado con grandes medidas de seguridad.
no hubo ningún tipo de vigilancia urbana durante el estreno de ‘Padmaavat’.
es posible que el filme ‘Padmaavat’ se estrene cuando terminen las protestas.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que…
la policía local no ha detenido a nadie por haber cometido actos vandálicos.
se han detenido a unas personas por haber molestado en la sala del cine.
casi una veintena de personas han sido detenidas por actos vandálicos.
Question 4
Esa película trata…
de una reina del siglo doce que estuvo casada con el rey Rana Ratan Signh.
de una reina que fue asesinada en el siglo trece.
de una reina del siglo trece que ella misma se quitó la vida.
Question 5
En la noticia se dice que el origen de la controversia…
es una escena en la cual el rey musulmán consigue que la reina se enamore de él.
es una escena en la cual el rey musulmán anhela conseguir el amor de esa reina.
es la escena en la cual la reina se quita la vida para evitar una deshonra.
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