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Valencia/ The forest fire that since the afternoon of Monday affects the municipality of Llutxent (Valencia, Spain) has already affected more than a thousand hectares and everything points to its origin was lightning, according to the general director of the Security Agency and Response to Emergencies of the Generalitat, José María Ángel, told EFE.

During the night, the fire, which has forced the evacuation of 2,500 people, has evolved slowly and a favorable evolution is expected in the coming hours if the wind remains calm, Angel said.

More than twenty ground troops have been working on the work of extinction tonight and since 7:30 hours air assets have been incorporating to fight against fire. These will have 21 aircraft sequentially throughout the day to discharge water in the most complicated areas.

There is no flame in some parts and workin is being done to perimetrate affected area and to detect the hottest areas to discharge water and retardant.

Angel has indicated that, although the affected hectares were perimetered last night in about 800 hectares, the burnt surface can exceed 1,000 hectares including cultivation areas.

The people evicted as a result of this fire, 2,500, are from La Drova, in the municipality of Barx, and in the Montesol and Montepino urbanizations, among them, the elderly of the Mondúver Healthcare Centre.

The evicted people have been taken in at the Raval de Gandia sports centre and have been assisted by the Red Cross and City Hall staff.

The Military Emergency Unit (UME) moved to the place 136 military and 50 vehicles, which today remain operational within the media deployment coordinated by the Emergency Center of the Generalitat and during the night they have performed direct attack work with pumper and manual tool from head to tail on the left flank of the fire.

At 6 am, the first relays of ground means have been started and today eight Forestry Firefighters of the Generalitat will work, of them five fire engines, eight brigades from the Provincial Council and five from the Firefighters Consortium.

As for the weather conditions and forecasts for today, it’s expected wind of southern component that can veer round north, northeast and even east, with expected speeds of 20 km / h.

The emergency telephone of the Generalitat 112 has received since 15 hours yesterday, when the fire began, 379 calls related to the fire of Llutxent.

José María Ángel recalled that yesterday there were very high temperatures of 40 degrees and wind exceeding 40 km / h and a change in the direction of the wind directed the smoke towards the municipality of Pinet. (August 7, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (August 6, 2018):


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La noticia habla...  
de un incendio en una región española.
de un incendio que se ha declarado hoy en España.
del posible desalojo de unas personas a causa de un incendio.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que...  
se piensa que un rayo pudo originar ese incendio.
se piensa que ese incendio fue provocado por el hombre.
los expertos descartan que un rayo sea la causa de ese incendio.
Question 3
En la noticia se dice que...      
solo unas pocas decenas de personas fueron desalojadas por el incendio.
los bomberos continúan desalojando a personas de un municipio valenciano.
miles de personas tuvieron que abandonar sus hogares a causa del incendio.
Question 4
Sobre las personas desalojadas se dice que...    
ya han sido trasladas a otro lugar y han recibido atención médica.
están esperando para que las trasladen a un lugar seguro.
las autoridades continúan trasladando a las personas desalojadas.
Question 5
Según el texto, los bomberos consiguieron apagar el incendio por la noche.    
No es verdad.
Es verdad.
No se sabe.
Question 6
En la noticia se dice que este incendio...  
no afectó a ninguna zona destinada a la agricultura.
solo ha afectado a zonas residenciales.
afectó a zonas destinadas a la agricultura.
Question 7
Cuando se dice que el viento puede 'rolar'...  
se quiere decir que puede cambiar de dirección.
se quiere decir que puede no va a cambiar de dirección.
se quiere decir que puede derribar árboles.
Question 8
En el vídeo se habla...  
de un incendio que se ha declarado en el norte de España.
de otro incendio que se ha declarado en Huelva.
de todos los incendios que se han declarado en España.
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Según el vídeo, los bomberos están a punto de apagar este incendio.  
Claro que sí.
En absoluto.
¡Imposible saberlo!
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