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Athens / The number of deaths in the serious fires that sweep the coast in the northeast of Athens since yesterday is now 50, while so far there are 156 injured, according to the latest data from Civil Protection.

According to the emergency service, eleven of the injured people are in critical condition and it’s feared the number of fatalities is even greater, since they are receiving numerous calls from people who notify there are missing relatives.

All the victims have been found in the area between the port of Rafina, some 30 kilometers from Athens, and Nea Makri, some ten kilometers further north.

Most of the deceased were trapped by flames in their homes or in their cars, or tried to flee the fire by throwing themselves into the sea, but ended up drowning.

A spokesman for the Red Cross said in statements to the public television network ERT that after having found 24 dead in different parts of the area, firefighters have found this morning a group of 26 dead in a field located in the small town of Mati, in the mentioned area.

According to the fire service, there are still three active fires currently on the capital region of Attica, but there are also large fronts in other regions of the country, particularly in the Corinth area, in the Peloponnese, as well as on the island of Crete.

Extinction tasks continued throughout the night but were hampered by strong winds that reached strength seven on the Beaufort scale.

After the authorities declared a state of emergency and requested international assistance, the government spokesman, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, announced that firefighting planes will arrive from Spain today, as well as volunteers from Cyprus.

At the moment in the three main fronts – East of Attica, the Kineta area, in the west of that region, as well as in Corinth and Crete there are deployed six helicopters and three planes, as well as hundreds of firefighters with terrestrial means.

According to the mayor of Rafina, Evánguelos Burnús, at least 500 houses and 200 vehicles have been damaged to a greater or lesser extent by the flames.

Burnus said in a statement to ERT that the evacuation operation by sea undertaken yesterday continues and the Coast Guard ships continue to move many residents of Rafina to other safe areas. (July 24, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Lee la noticia y responde a las preguntas. (Read the news and answer the questions.)

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que...  
se desconoce si hay víctimas mortales a causa de un incendio.
cientos de personas fallecieron a causa de unos incendios.
varias decenas de personas han perdido la vida a causa de unos incendios.
Question 2
Según la noticia...  
todos los incendios se han registrado en el centro de Atenas.
solo se han registrado incendios en la zona norte de Atenas.
la mayoría de esos incendios se han declarado en la capital de Grecia.
Question 3
Los servicios de emergencias...  
consideran que es posible que aumente el número de fallecidos por los incendios.
confirman que no hay ninguna persona desaparecida después de que se declararan los incendios.
descartan que se pueda incrementar el número de víctimas mortales por estos incendios.
Question 4
En la noticia se dice que...  
Grecia recibió ayuda internacional antes de que  la solicitaran.
es posible que las autoridades griegas pidan ayuda a otros países para apagar los incendios.
Grecia recibirá ayuda internacional para sofocar esos incendios.
Question 5
El alcalde de Rafina...  
asevera que aún siguen evacuando a personas por mar.
cree que no es necesario evacuar a nadie de la zona.
asegura que pronto comenzará la evacuación de la zona.
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