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In the first 24 hours as President of the United States, Donald Trump chose “My Way” by Frank Sinatra for the first dance with his wife Melania as tenant in the White House, signed the first presidential decrees, changed sofas, carpet and curtains from the Office Oval and restored the bust of Churchill withdrawn by Obama.


Hours after swearing over two Bibles defending the United States Constitution, hundreds of people welcomed the President and First Lady at the Washington Convention Center, packed with evening dresses, tuxedos and bow ties.

In the center of the stage, Trump swayed softly with his wife, Melania, who wore a long white strapless dress, designed by herself and Hervé Pierre, former creative director of the firm Carolina Herrera. On six layers, a daring cleft revealed the legs of the first lady and surprised by a small detail: a thin red ribbon in the waist.

Since 1809, the investiture of U.S. presidents has been accompanied by three official galas with their dances.

First decrees

Previously, after swearing as President and going from Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House to preside over the parade in his honor, Donald Trump signed his first presidential decrees and legislative documents.

Trump stamped his signature on the legislative exemption passed by the Senate over the past few days to the law prohibiting a retired military man less than seven years ago, as is James Mattis, to head the Department of Defense.

In this way, he paved the way for confirmation of Mattis, dubbed “Crazy Dog”, as head of the Pentagon.

The President signed other appointments in his presidential team and the decree that by January 20 becomes the National Patriotism Day in the United States from 2017.

Also, an executive order to instruct government agencies to “ease the burdens of Obamacare,” as the health care reform pioneered by its predecessor, Barack Obama, is known.


Meanwhile, the new White House renewed the priorities of its website, highlighting priorities and eliminating others, under the motto “let’s make America big again, together.

White House website shows from the same day 20 a photograph of the president in one of his rallies with the quote: “The movement continues, the work begins”.

The agenda of the presidential portal lists new priorities such as putting “the United States first” in foreign and energy policy, and reinforcing the country’s armed forces or building a wall on the Mexican border to “stop illegal migration” and ” rain of drugs “.

The agenda eliminates sections where the Obama administration included its priorities regarding climate change and the defense of sexual diversity.

Oval Office

It is usual that the new presidents put to their personal taste the decoration of the Oval Office upon their arrival at the White House.

Donald Trump, has placed sofas, curtains and gold carpet and has recovered the bust of legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill withdrawn by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Churchill’s bust is a replica of what Tony Blair ceded to President George W. Bush after the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington as a symbol of brotherhood between the peoples of the United Kingdom and the United States.

The White House brought back the bust to the United Kingdom Embassy in Washington after Bush’s second term ended, although he countered that Obama, the new Oval Office tenant in 2009, decided to withdraw and put in place one of Martin Luther King.

Madrid, Washington, January 21, 2017, EFE/Practica Español

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