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The four phases of Pedro Sánchez’s plan to return to ‘a new normal’

Madrid / The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented this Tuesday a gradual, asymmetric and coordinated plan in four phases from May 2/4 for the de-escalation of the home confinement of Spaniards decreed since last March 14 to deal with the coronavirus Wuhan, which has caused almost 24,000 deaths in Spain.

The so-called “Plan for the transition to a new normality”, which will have as a territorial reference the province or the island with limitations to mobility, contemplates four phases of a minimum duration of two weeks each, which is the incubation period for the virus .

These are the four phases of the plan:

Phase 0 or phase of preparing the transition. It is the current one, in which, in addition to the common relief measures for the whole country, such as the regulated departures of children under 14 years old since last Sunday, or those planned for next Saturday, the day on which they can go out to take a walk or do sports individually, “small gaps of economic activity will open.”

As examples, the president has cited the opening of premises by appointment for individual customer service; the one of restaurants to take food at home without consumption in the premises; the opening of individual training sessions for professional and federated athletes; and the basic training of professional leagues.

Phase 1 or initial. It will be allowed in each defined territorial space, in principle the province, the partial start of certain activities, such as small businesses with strict security conditions; in restoration, the opening of terraces limited to 30% occupancy; in hospitality, the opening of hotels and tourist accommodation excluding common areas and also with certain restrictions.

It will include a preferential schedule for those over 65 years old; In the agri-food and fisheries sector, activities that maintained restrictions will resume; places of worship may open by limiting their capacity to one third; In sports, the opening of high-performance centers is contemplated and training in professional leagues will be allowed.

Phase 2 or intermediate. The interior space of the premises will be opened with an occupation of a third of the capacity and guarantees of separation of tables; Although the school year will not begin until September, the educational centers will be reopened for reinforcement activities, to ensure that children under 6 can attend them if both parents have to work in person and for the Ebau.

The resumption of fishing and sport hunting is foreseen; the opening of cinemas and theaters with a capacity limited to one third; Visits to monuments or exhibitions with a third capacity will be possible; places of worship with a capacity of 50%; acts and shows of less than 50 people in closed places with a third capacity and, if it is outdoors, with less than 400 people and all seated.

Phase 3 or advanced. General mobility will be made more flexible, although the use of the mask outside the home and on public transport will be recommended. The capacity will be limited to 50% and a minimum distance of two meters in the commercial area; restrictions on capacity and occupancy in restaurants will be relaxed, although strict separation conditions will be maintained between the public. (April 28, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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