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The funeral of the two-year-old boy who fell into a well in Totalan (Malaga)

Malaga (Spain) / “Rest in peace” is the phrase of the flower crown from the Mining Rescue Brigade who rescued the lifeless body of Julen, the two-year-old boy found dead after falling into a deep and narrow well two weeks ago in Totalan (Malaga, Spain).

Hundreds of people crowded the entrance plaza to San Juan cemetery, in the neighbourhood of El Palo, near where Julen lived, to give their last goodbye between tears, applause and flowers in more than 30 crowns and numerous bouquets and centres arrived from different parts of Spain.

Jose Rosello and Victoria Garcia, the child’s parents, other relatives, friends, neighbours and authorities have accompanied Julen’s coffin from the funeral home -where an intimacy was held- to a cemetery, where he was buried with his brother Oliver.

Crowns in hand and others from more distant places, such as Salamanca; from institutions such as the municipalities from Malaga and Totalan or the Deputation, which were joined by the Mining Rescue Brigade expressly displaced from Asturias to manually excavate a gallery until reaching Julen.

The family had expressly requested that the crown be – along with its own – those that were placed before the niche and, in fact, that of the miners has been in the foreground.

On Saturday afternoon, the remains of Julen arrived at the funeral parlour from the Institute of Legal Medicine in Malaga, where he was autopsied a few hours after his lifeless rescue at 1.25am that same day.

Free fall of 71 metres

The poly-traumatism following a “free” fall of 71 metres caused the death of Julen, the 2-year-old boy rescued last night in Totalan (Malaga) after thirteen days of intense work to recover the child in the narrow tunnel through which precipitated last Sunday January 13.

The autopsy carried out on the minor this morning reveals he suffered poly-traumatism and fell standing, they have indicated to EFE after the autopsy sources close to the investigation, who have also highlighted that the child presents erosions compatible with friction in the fall.

The mortal remains of the boy were found 71 meters deep – level until which the well was filled with dirt, at its origin of just over one hundred meters- and covered with earth. The child fell into the well “quickly and freely”, because of the position in which he was located.

One of the most likely thesis is that, in the fall itself, it was dislodging earth from the walls of the well, which were “very imperfect, very sandy”, the Government delegate in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez de Celishe said at a press conference in Rincon de la Victoria (Malaga) this Saturday. (January 27, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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