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The named ‘hobbit from Indonesian island of Flores’ was a hominid of only one metre of high, 30 kilogrammes and a grapefruit-sized brain, according to a group of scientists from Australia, Japan and Indonesia.


These experts have calculated that this hominid disappeared 50,000 years ago and despite new remains found on an area called Mata Mengue, distant from place where hobbit was discovered in 2003, Homo florisiensis‘ evolution is full of unknowns.

Research, developed by Wollongong University (Australia), National Museum of Nature and Sciences in Tokyo (Japan), Geological Museum in Bandung (Indonesia) and Griffith University (Australia), can shed light on hobbit’s evolution, theirs authors stressed in an article published by Nature.

Hobbit from Mata Menge

In 2014, this group of scientists found remains remains of at least three hominids of small size, from 700,000 million years ago, in an area named Mata Mengue, at So’a basin, about 70 kilometres from Liang Bua cave, where hobbit was discovered in 2003.

New remains found in Mata Mengue, one right lower jab and six teeth of an adult and two child, are about one million years more older than remains found in Liang Bua cave.

Jaw piece are from an adult whose jawbone is a 20 per cent smaller than most smaller jawbone from hobbits in Liang Bua cave.

Descendants from Homo Erectus

“All these are indisputably from hominids y it seems that these are strikingly similar to Homo floresiensis. The morphology of the fossils teeth also suggests that this type of humans are dwarf descendants of the firsts Homo erectus that, for some reason, they were isolated at the island of Flores”, Yousuke Kaifu, from National Museum of Nature and Sciences in Tokyo, holds.

Kaifu emphasized that “what is really new” is that size of these remains show that the hobbit already had a little size at least 700,000 years ago, and according to van der Bergh, “this human linage has been in the island of Flores, at least, 300,000 years before”.

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