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The ‘inconsistencies’ that delay the results of the ‘caucus’ Democrats in Iowa

Des Moines (Iowa, USA) / The results were expected around 22.00 local time on Monday (04.00 GMT Tuesday), before the Iowa Democratic Party, in the Midwest region of the US, Announce “inconsistencies” in the count of the caucuses in that state that have delayed the proclamation of the results and the winner.

“We have found inconsistencies in the transmission of three batches of results,” said a spokeswoman for Iowa Democrats, Mandy McClure, who ruled out that it is a “hacking or intrusion” in the system.

McClure explained that, “in addition to the computer systems to enter the results, we are using photographs of the results and paper tests to ensure that all results match.”

The party warned that “reporting the results will take time”, without giving details of when they will be announced.

The campaign team of former Vice President Joe Biden, on paper one of the favorites in the contest, sent a letter to the Iowa Democratic Party denouncing “failures throughout the state” and requesting that the results not be published.

“We believe that the campaigns deserve a complete explanation and relevant information on the quality control methods that are being used (for counting), and an opportunity to respond, before any official results are published,” he said.

For his part, Senator Bernie Sanders, another favorite, ironic to his followers when he expressed expres his confidence ’that the party will publish the results‘ at some point ’

Like Sanders, the main candidates chose to address their followers without waiting for results that they don’t know when they will meet.

Some, in fact, like Biden himself, complied with the initial plans and after their parliaments set course for New Hampshire, which today celebrates its primaries in what will be the second stage of this process to elect Donald Trump’s rival in the November 3 presidential elections. (February 4, 2020, EFE / Practica Español)

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Principalmente, el texto habla... (Mainly, the text talk about...)
de cuándo se celebran las próximas elecciones presidenciales en EE.UU.
del retraso del anuncio de los resultados de los caucus de Iowa.
de quiénes eran los candidatos demócratas favoritos en los caucus de Iowa.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que... (It's said in the text that...)
unas 'inconsistencias' en el recuento de los votos han retrasado la proclamación del ganador en Iowa.
McClure no descarta que se haya producido un ataque informático durante el recuento de los votos.
se desmiente que hubiera alguna 'inconsistencia' que haya retrasado el anuncio de un ganador en los caucus de Iowa.
Question 3
Según el texto... (According to the text...)
el Partido Demócrata dijo que no saben cuándo se conocerán los resultados.
los sistemas informáticos no han causado ningún tipo de problema.
es poco probable que se hagan fotografías de los resultados para comprobar que estos coinciden.
Question 4
Sobre Biden se dice que... (About Biden, it's said that...)
considera que no es necesario que nadie dé una explicación por lo que ha ocurrido.
pidió que no se publiquen los resultados hasta que estos no sean oficiales.
pidió que se den a conocer los resultados aunque no sean oficiales.
Question 5
En el texto se dice que... (It's said in the text that...)
quien gane en Nuevo Hampshire será el oponente de Donald Trump el próximo 3 de noviembre.
las primarias del Partido Demócrata continúan para elegir a su candidato presidencial.
no se celebrarán las primarias en Nuevo Hampshire hasta que no se sepa qué es lo que ha ocurrido en Iowa.
Question 6
En el vídeo se dice que... (It's said in the video that...)
este caucus acapara la atención de los medios ya que es el último en celebrarse.
se desmiente que Iowa sea un estado rural.
Iowa reparte 41 compromisarios.
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