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The increase in infections calls into question a new totally face-to-face course

Madrid / While waiting for what the government and communities decide at the meeting on the 27th, the educational community is growing concerned about how the return to the classroom will be, since the increase in coronavirus infections may cause the authorities to set a school year that is not totally face-to-face.

“The top experts on the subject of the pandemic say that it will be very difficult for the course to be face-to-face. We fear that we will have to return to teleworking, but we will have to see what the top educational leaders say on August 27, “the spokesperson for the STES teachers union, José Luis López Belmonte, told EFE.

Precisely, the presence or not in the classrooms this Thursday has caused discrepancies between the Madrid Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero (PP), contrary to starting the course with a one hundred percent face-to-face modality, and the regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado (Cs ), a supporter of this because of the “economic blow” that would mean “condemning” thousands of families to leave their jobs to take care of their children.

Although some of the scenarios envisaged by the communities before this “covid course” already establish that the classes could be blended, that is, a mixed education, face-to-face and “online” or face-to-face in shifts and alternate days – it is also contemplated for universities – It is not yet closed how it will be.

Madrid and Navarra

Madrid, together with Navarra, will start the school calendar next September 4 for the little ones and has on the table the call for a teachers’ strike due to the lack, they argue, of clear hygienic sanitary measures in the community.

For his part, the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has criticized the Government on Thursday before the situation of “uncertainty” in which families are due to “incompetence” to plan the start of the new school year.

“No Spanish family knows what will become of their children at the beginning of the course,” lamented the president of the popular, who has assured that “the indolence” of the Executive can cause “a whole generation of children has an educational delay ”.

Presence is a unanimous request from the educational community after classes stopped last March, but the idea that it might not be possible seems to gain strength.

Extremadura, Aragon and Murcia

Thus, also the Minister of Health of Extremadura, José María Vergeles, has stated that these two weeks are “very important” to “overcome” the increase in the accumulated incidence of coronavirus and that the school year can begin in person.

Aragon has also specified the commitment to greater presence; However, it does not rule out the possibility of blended classes from the third year of ESO.

And Murcia has announced this Thursday the regional plan and has gone from the presence announced in July to the semi-presence.

With the blended model, attendance at nursery and primary school in Murcia would be face-to-face four days a week in groups that exceed 20 students per classroom and in 1st and 2nd ESO when they exceed 24 students per classroom.

In 3rd and 4th year of ESO, educational attention will be blended with alternate days of attendance at the center (2 or 3 days a week), which will reduce the presence of students in the center to 50%.

Castilla- La Mancha

Meanwhile, the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has advocated starting the school year in person, because it would be “a hit for Spain to resign itself” not to start it.

At the moment, from the Ministry of Education the only document published and that can serve as a guide for communities, “Prevention, hygiene and health promotion measures against covid-19 for educational centers in the 2020-2021 academic year, from 22 June ”, states:

“The attendance of all the students will be guaranteed. If it is necessary to prioritize the attendance of the students, due to the evolution of the pandemic, attendance will be maintained at the lower levels and stages (up to 14 years) ”.

For their part, the teachers assure that only with an increase in the workforce could presence in the classrooms be ensured, maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 meters.

According to STES, the sum of new backup teachers announced by the communities so far barely reaches 25,000 compared to 84,000 in Italy. (August 21, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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